Thursday, March 18, 2010

Steve Rhodes of Beachwood Reporter - Integrity's Son!

It's a party line vote in Congress, but in America support for health care reform but disgust with the legislation before us is indeed bipartisan.
Steve Rhodes Beachwood Reporter - March 18, 2010

Ladies and Gents, Steve Rhodes is a rock-ribbed Liberal and gentleman to the back-bone.

Earlier this year Steve Rhodes, refused to be pressured by NBC and water down a story on the NBC Chicago Website. Steve Rhodes walked away from a paying job . . .how well it was paying the good man never mentioned. Only Suckers Beef.

Yesterday, 55 notoriously dumb nuns betrayed their vows and the faith in favor of a Progressive imprimatur from such fatuous cheerleaders as Washington Post Class Snitch E.J. Dionne and the clown opera at MSNBC in support of the worst piece of legislation forced on the American People since . . .last year's Cap and Trade idiocy.

Today, a genuine Liberal in the tradition of Harry Truman, Steve Rhodes offers a powerful explication of Health Care Boondoggle and Hegelian hypocrisy in the American Media.

Here is a sample from Beachwood Reporter!

Eric Zorn is "still waiting for someone to calmly explain why using 'deem and pass' offends the ideals of democracy or good government."

In other words, Zorn is still trying to figure out why it's offensive to use a parliamentary maneuver for a purpose it wasn't designed for in order to pass controversial and far-reaching legislation that doesn't have enough votes to pass if actually voted on.

Hell, why even have Congress vote at all? Let's just "deem and pass" everything!

Steve Rhodes and I agree on most things that are important - integrity, dedication to task, honor for our elders and betters, and support for those without succor.
He will tell me when I write crap out of laziness or expediency. Steve Rhodes will tell me when I have crossed the line or taken the path of least resistance - the coward's way out. I take what Steve Rhodes has to say when he piles on a Man's share of salt. He mines that salt with heart, sinew and soul.

Proud to call you Pal, Steve! You are a gentleman.

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