Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kill the Bill and Save America! Dan Lipinksi, it might just be on you.

Congressman Lipinski - this is your moment - act accordingly! Vote No!

"With deep regret, but clear in our moral judgment, we are compelled to continue to urge House members to oppose the Senate bill unless these fundamental flaws are remedied. At this critical moment, we urge Representatives to take the steps necessary to ensure that health care reform respects the life and dignity of all, from conception to natural death," U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Obama Care.

Let's see what happens. Some Democratic Congressmen might restore the faith of the American People in our government by holding to the Faith that they profess.

The Obama Care Bill is bad. If it were in any way good it would have passed long ago - it's not and if by some legerdemain of Progressive Hegelian magic Obama Care passes in the the most mistrusted Congress in American History, it will be a very long and very expensive process to unscrew this hideous pooch. The America People will unscrew the Obama Care Bill, make no mistake.

The Bill is packed with Planned Parenthood set-asides and Abortion Happy language.

Dan Lipinski of Illinois has said that he will vote 'No.' Okay, let's see.

In today's gospel, Jesus quietly stooped down and wrote in the sand all the sins and transgressions of the folks who wanted to stone a woman caught in adultery to death - they "deemed" her guilty. The woman was saved. Let's see over the next few 'narrative' choked hours, if some law makers look into the sand.

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