Sunday, March 28, 2010

While Greasing Up the Pole for Sheila Simon's Jump Up Over the Vote - Mark Brown Needs to Sneer.

Why people detest the media - columnists tend to sneer at readers. Mark Brown is a champ . . .spell it as you will.

Today, The Chicago Sun Times reminds everyone that Sheila Simon is a Medal of Honor recipient; Nobel Prize Candidate; Publisher's Clearing House Laureate; Needs No Skis 'Cause She Walks on Water; and was Born in a Cross-fire Hurricane!

We knew that already.

Governor Pat Quinn chose Sheila Simon to be on his ticket as Guv-Lite for all those reasons and more.

Carol Marin, Neil Steinberg, Sneedless to Say and Mark Brown waved palms as Sheila Simon rides into Jerusalem with palms waving and palms up.

Mark Brown could not praise a Progressive Scion of Illinois without a snotty crack at the MANY, MANY Chicago Helots who voted for Art Turner - I did.

Turner fared best in the white wards where people vote for whom they're told -- 11, 13, 14 and 19 -- and in the more independent areas where people like me voted for him because he had the newspaper endorsements.

We were told for whom to vote? Really? Mark Brown tosses out something to see what sticks - regularly. I forget for whom I was told to vote. Who was it Gave me my voting orders? Was it Precinct Captain Elmer Shagnasty? Was it our genial and with-it host the First Nighter? Was it the perenial favorite Speaker Mike Madigan? No, he don't speak until he has something to say. Or, was it the Aryan Nation, as Neil Steinberg suggests?

Nope, I voted for Art Turner, because he is a good guy. He's a black guy, by the way, Art Turner is like the black folks in my neighborhood who go to Mass with us at St. Cajetan, Sacred Heart, St. Barnabas, Christ the King Catholic Churches and borrow my green lawn spreader.

Mark Brown votes because of a newspaper endorsement - or so he says.

People hold newspaper columnists almost as high in their estimations as the elected officials who violate their trust.

Elected Officials -Sheila Simon has won no election, as she is a panjandrum - a career appointee - get voted out of office and some go to jail.

Mark Brown and other newspaper columnists sneer at readers. When we all stop paying for newspapers, columnists might get an attitude adjustment. Naw, stupid is forever.

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Jeff Finley said...

You might be interested in another Sun-Times Media employee's writing about Simon:

"Sheila Simon and the girl pope song"