Friday, March 05, 2010

Governor Pat Quinn Will Win - The Media and the "Umm-ers" Are All Over Brady Like A Cheap Suit

Bill Brady won the Illinois Republican Primary for Governor and that is like kissing your sister - not that that is a bad thing mind you - just in case the Sex is Politics and Morality Crowd ( GLBT Advocates) are monitoring my helot's thougts. I have been meaning to ask if Incestuous Relationships fit in as an undeserved sexual morality minority group in need of the standard Progressive Hegelian Makeover. Most sexual peccadillo's have been Botox-ed Beautiful in this manner and are given a loud powerful voice and re-written histories in the Media.

Poor Bill Brady. In a year when Illinois should sweep a GOP Governor into the job, the "blow your toes off" DuPage Dimwits will lose the race.

Pat Quinn needs only to leave the Lt. Governor's Slot empty and allow the SEIU paid for Illinois Media to beat up on the Kid who won the GOP Lt. Governor spot and pour manure on Bill Brady. The "Ummers" are already all over Brady - "Ummers" are Progressive columnists and Snark Assenting Bloggers who charcteristically begin every snotty and irony drenched faux question or observation with the antecedant "Ummmm...,"

The Ummers are especially hard on Brady. Brady, even before Kerque Dillard, Marque Kerques twin, was treated to a daily rhetorical kick in the nuts by the poor man's moss-back Huffington Posters. These Midol gulpers think that they are on MSNBC and that they can create their own Illinois Sarah Palin - Palin would have their guts for garters. Dan Proft would do far worse to the Ummers.

Dan Proft would have blow-torched the Ummers.

Pat Quinn should catch a wave and tall tropical iced beverages until November.

Bill Brady will look like that poor broad in the first Aliens Movie before the critter ripped out of her chest -"Pleeeaaassse! Just kill me."

Here's just a sample of what the GOP Governor Primary Winner can expect.

Bill Brady Gaffes Again: Attack On Quinn's Early Release Program Unfounded (VIDEO)
Huffington Post (blog) - ‎57 minutes ago‎
With a final vote count in the Republican primary for governor expected today, Bill Brady revved up the campaign engine. Expected to be declared the primary ...
Brady misfires on governor Chicago Sun-Times
Brady swings and misses at Quinn Chicago Tribune
Brady Tries to Bring Early Release Program Back Up WGIL Radio News
Chicago Daily Herald - MyFox Illinois

I like Pat Quinn and he will win a walk. Poor Bill Brady.

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John Ruberry said...

But the conservtive base will rally behind Brady--which they would not have done with Kirk "I Love Obama" Dillard.