Monday, March 29, 2010

Rhymin' Sheila Simon's "Pope Knop" Bashing Catholics?

Pope Knop, with short blond hair, Pope Knop, wears Barbie underwear, loves to dance around when she's half bare, so join me now and say a prayer for Pope Knop.

"She knows her holy water from her Mountain Dew." YeeeeeeeHaaaawww!!!!

Z'at Se'er Gee Tunin'?

Sheila Simon plays Banjo AND Bassoon - Dang! As to Ms. Simon's libretto . . .

Sheila Simon sinks her teeth into the Pope's Problems?
Sheila Simon advocates Ordination of Women?
Sheila Simon plays to the Manya Brachear Catholic Bashing Media?

Banjo Dancing?
Just Funnin'?

If Illinois needs further evidence that Sheila Simon is up to the onerous task of being Illinois's hard-hitting Progressive No Popery Here Governor Lite - well, pop this one into the dash board!

Click my post title for Pioneer Press's Jeff Finley revelatory review of Sheila Simon's "Pope Knop!"

Pope Knop by Sheila Simon's band, last heard on her Resume You Tube application with the kid from Deliverance frailing the five-string, is a real tribute to the Bow Tied Icon's Kid.

Now, how can anyone call me cynical?

Huge Hat Tip to John Rubery - Marathon Pundit!

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