Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Salon's Nun "Sister" Joan Walsh asks, "What's Wrong With Whitey?"

Remember when the Nuns made us Diagram sentences on the blackboard? I can still feel the love! Well, not my Jewish, Anglican, Lutheran, AME and Wiccan friends - you didn't go to Catholic school - except Danny Levi! Oh yeah and the two Dutch kids that later went to some school in Michigan, but I digress. Diagram! Nuns! Snitches and sneaks!

Salon's Joan Walsh reminds me of the Irish colleens who tended to rat out the class when Sister Doralese left the room. "Sister, I studied and prayed, but Larry Fiscelli, Billy Bigane, Mike Kelly, Eileen O'Connor, Terry McEldowney, Willie Winters, Janet Walsh, Margie Prendergast, Carolyn Velos, Ray Winebladt, Jimmy Shea, Ernie Kelly, Bernie Mitchell, Judy Lawlor and the other sneaks especially Pig-eyed Hickey - were making fun of YOU sister and were hateful and barbarous."

Males generally got their asses kicked, followed by having their Hagar Dad 'N Lad Slacks yanked off and tossed over the phone wires, following such an exercise. Homely and singularly unhappy girls, like Joan Walsh, would eventually take the veil, turn feminist, maybe even dedicated Sapphist, following a grammar school career of ratting out their classmates. Some became Magazine editors.

Anyway , Joan Walsh makes a swell career of being singularly unhappy with Salon.com and on MSNBC as a weepy mouth-piece for Progressive, anti-Catholic, anti-Religion, and all abortion issues.

Today, she hates Whitey - you know White People like me the others who work at and support all black Catholic High Schools, and other things. (Click my post title for Joan Walsh's full squeal)

Joan Walsh acts and sounds just like the smug-ugly and stupid nuns who want to be Popes, wear bad clothes that make them look like a Lesbian chorus line, do liturgical dance when asked not to and rarely have ever finished actually reading a book. They were the biggest hitters back in the day. The good nuns wore the old regimentals and actually liked boys.

If Sister Joan can diagram this sentence by Michael Eric Dyson - fast talking Afro-Moron of the 1st Order and Frequent Guest on Cable TV . . .well I'll tell what's wrong with white people . . . explain the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle . . .the recipe to Uncle Jaspar's Peotone Surprise Jambalaya . . . Billy Grey's Treasure Map and the level of salt in Roland S. Martin's diet.

Sister Joan - Diagram it!!!!! . . .and I'll tell what is wrong with White People.

And so when we think about warring against White Supremacy in American society, it is so seductive to believe and invest in the mythology of superiority, especially among White ethnic brothers and sisters, who, having been closed out of so much in American society, hold fast to that lie, hold fast to that myth, hold fast to that illusion because they have been so disenfranchised otherwise that they have to pump up the myth of their inherent superiority.

Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaapppppp! On your knees!http://tabacco.blog-city.com/michael_eric_dyson_quotes__black_university_of_pennsylvania_.htm

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