Sunday, March 14, 2010

South Side Parade with No Parade: Commander Michael Kuemmeth Prepares for Every Possibility

Commander Michael Kuemmeth and his staff are prepared to make this a nice day for 19th Ward residents and sobering one for nitwits.

I spoke with Commander Michael Kuemmeth this morning and he remarked that we were all in unchartered waters.

There will be zero tolerance for any all breaches of the public peace. No matter what the Chi-Rish ( Faux Paddy Gras Nitwits) believe this parade is was and shall be a neighborhood celebration of Faith, Family and Friendship.

Bus loads of slobs have tossed bottles, cups and at times Fully Kreuzened losers from their doors and windows.

Buses doing such will be impounded in accordance with littering laws.

Bottle and cup wielding dopes will be consigned to the holding pens prior to the trip to the drunk tank.

God Bless the Chicago Police and Fire Departments! They are set up and preparing for the unexpected - To Serve and Protect. Thank you Commander and all the women and men of the 22nd District
Have Fun at the Beverly Arts Center!

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