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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Media Working for Lawyers Created The Thug Comfort Zone

A comfort zone denotes that limited set of behaviors that a person will engage without becoming anxious. Alternatively denoted as a "plateau" it describes that set of behaviors that have become comfortable, without creating a sense of risk. A person's personality can be described by his or her comfort zones. Highly successful persons may routinely step outside their comfort zones, to accomplish what they wish. A comfort zone is a type of mental conditioning that causes a person to create and operate mental boundaries that are not real. Such boundaries create an unfounded sense of security. Like inertia, a person who has established a comfort zone in a particular axis of his or her life, will tend to stay within that zone without stepping outside of it. To step outside a person's comfort zone, he must experiment with new and different behaviors, and then experience the new and different responses that then occur within his environment.
From Wikpedia

I just wrote an obituary for a 21 year old young man, Jason Riley. Jason was shot in the back by gang bangers near 69th & Ashland last week. Like Jason's Leo 2004 Classmate Steve Lyons, there was almost no concern over the cold-blooded thug-killing of a productive black American.

I accuse the news media of creating a Thug Comfort Zone here in Chicago. Only cases where Police can and will be accused of abuse based upon race receive any attention - the more ludicrous and outrageous accusations get tried in the public glare with the full support of cynical creeps who sit their milky fat asses on Editorial Boards.

I use cynical creeps because 1. - they are cynical - 'Let's get into it!' and sell some papers - easier than being good at your work and 2. creeps because only a creep would actively engage in 'criminal' enterprise to enrich lawyers and thugs, while bankrupting public monies and public confidence.

Today, the Chicago Tribune which seemed to let the stupid slumber - returned to the folly of having the think tankers and lawsuit louses hand feed them an 'investigative series' focusing on Police Shooting Roundtables.

Jason Riley was killed because thugs are unafraid of the law and know that the idiots in the News Media and the cretins on TV will take their sides - shortly followed by a lawsuit that would bankrupt a small Duchy in Europe.

Here's the obituary of Jason Riley:

The Leo High School Family mourns the passing of Jason Riley, 21 – Leo High School Class of 2004. Jason Riley was murdered on Chicago Streets.

Jason is the beloved son of Rev. Willie and Mrs. Gale Riley of the Center of Hope The Chosen and dear brother of Michael Riley of the Leo High School Class of 2008.

In his four years, at Leo Jason served as Class President and was Class Valedictorian for the Class of 2004; lettered in football, baseball and was a dominant member of the Leo Boxing Team.

In 2003, Michael Hirsley of the Chicago Tribune featured Jason in which the young athlete told of his dream to capture the Golden Gloves Title at 125 lbs. and Jason did just that in 2003. Jason was completing his college studies begun at Monmouth College and coached Little League Baseball in the Marquette Park neighborhood as well as assisted with the Leo Boxing Program as a volunteer.

Leo President Robert W. Foster mourns the loss of a leader who inspired so many to avoid the lure of the street through commitment to academics, athletics and being a good Christian. The Leo High School Family will join the Riley Family in celebrating the life of Jason with a viewing of the body at:

Midwest Memorial Chapel, LLC
4040 S. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60609
(773) 737-6959

On Friday from 3 P.M - 8P.M.

Funeral Service will be conducted at:

True Zion Spiritual Church
6815 S. Wentworth Ave.
Chicago, IL 60621

Wake – 10A.M.
Funeral – 11 A.M with Resting Place at:

Lincoln Cemetery
12300 S. Kedzie
Chicago, IL 60803

Repast at the Church

I just read the papers. I remember facts from articles that have appeared in the past. This was a wonderful young man from a wonderful family. They did the right thing - paid the bills, worked hard, respected their neighbors, respected the Law!
The Thugs feel free to do as they please and those of you who have helped build this comfort zone own it. Save your hand-wringing about racism and police abuse.

This jacket hangs on your tiny shoulders - now and forever. You made your livings off of Jason Riley's blood. It's on you.

You writers, lawyers, TV Geeks, think-tank radicals have murdered Jason Riley! You have created a Thug Comfort Zone. Take that home to your insulated lives. Chat me up ! Prove me wrong! Let's Get into it!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Sun Times: Man Stabbed in Kennedy Park - Stop Gun Violence!

Image result for man stabbed in kennedy parkImage result for Kennedy Park chicago

A 41-year-old man was stabbed Monday evening in the Kennedy Park neighborhood on the Far Southwest Side.
He was walking down the street about 5:50 p.m. in the 11100 block of South Washtenaw when an unknown person stabbed him, according to Chicago Police.  The man suffered a puncture wound to the abdomen and was taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn in good condition, police said.Stop Gun Violence
Was the man Stabbed with a Gun?

The Sun Times casts great light on gun violence, but keeps the savagery of the individuals perpetrating the perpetual attacks on innocent people like toddlers, children, tourists and people walking near a Chicago park at 5:30 P.M. in any neighborhood.

This is because the Sun Times is all about making it possible for individuals to bring lawsuit against the society that protects their actions and give the lie to the pre-caste political narratives of the Chicago oligarchs. The Chicago Reader, owned by the Sun Times, calls the 19th Ward( especially Mount Greenwood)  the Upside Down.  

In short, dead fish would jump from the pages of the Sun Times, rather than be shrouded in lies.

Kennedy Park is in the Morgan Park neighborhood.  I live here.  The news media goes to great pains to portray this neighborhood as some kind of Celtic Copland-  Leave it To Beaver Oasis for White Flight Racists, where Rahm Emanuel counts upon and gets high voter turn-outs and matching Rahm Votes each election cycle.  In return, Rahm flips pancakes at Original House of Pancakes on Western, blesses a Blackhawks endowed Hockey Rink at Kennedy Park.  Rahm also solemnly nods with the news media about the people who live here, pay taxes, obey the law and call 911  more than they should.

People, white black, brown and yellow in this neighborhood as well as  Beverly and Mount Greenwood are robbed, burglarized, threatened, assaulted and mugged by thugs - frequently. With the great number of CPD, County, State and Federal law enforcement professionals residing here, one might think - The Bad Guys Know Us, But They Leave Us Alone.  No.  They get around.

Last week,  and off-duty cop was attacked by young thugs with pistols, a number of thugs came into The Upside Down to rob UPS, FEDEX and USPS deliveries.

Image result for Thug Comfort Zone
Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone.

A comfort zone denotes that limited set of behaviors that a person will engage without becoming anxious. Alternatively denoted as a "plateau" it describes that set of behaviors that have become comfortable, without creating a sense of risk. A person's personality can be described by his or her comfort zones. Highly successful persons may routinely step outside their comfort zones, to accomplish what they wish. A comfort zone is a type of mental conditioning that causes a person to create and operate mental boundaries that are not real. Such boundaries create an unfounded sense of security. Like inertia, a person who has established a comfort zone in a particular axis of his or her life, will tend to stay within that zone without stepping outside of it. To step outside a person's comfort zone, he must experiment with new and different behaviors, and then experience the new and different responses that then occur within his environment.

Following the thug murder of Leo High School Valedictorian, Golden Gloves Champion and college student Jason Riley in 2007, I wrote the following:

I accuse the news media of creating a Thug Comfort Zone here in Chicago. Only cases where Police can and will be accused of abuse based upon race receive any attention - the more ludicrous and outrageous accusations get tried in the public glare with the full support of cynical creeps who sit their milky fat asses on Editorial Boards.
I use cynical creeps because 1. - they are cynical - 'Let's get into it!' and sell some papers - easier than being good at your work and 2. creeps because only a creep would actively engage in 'criminal' enterprise to enrich lawyers and thugs, while bankrupting public monies and public confidence.
It is now 2017 and milky rumps remain on editorial boards and chirp about - gun violence.

Thugs feel very free to rob, steal, assault and use guns to kill people, because There's a 73% chance that Foxxx (Cook County States Attorney)won't charge you

  • and another 78% chance you'll make bail, even on murder and hate crime charges
  • and another 82% chance you beat the charge at court.  ( emphases and parenthetical my own) 
Thugs Kill People
Thugs Rob People
Thugs Terrorize People, because they can. 

Guns kill people, like pencils flunk tests.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone Claims Incoming Leo Student

A Genuine Shower of Bastards - G. Flint Taylor and the Architects of Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone

Ceasefire ( Gangbanger Pensioners),  Marches, T-Shirts, and Gun Turn-Ins are band-aids on cancer.  Chicago is and has been a Thug Comfort Zone where murdering thugs without any moral compass are allowed to kill with impunity and often immunity.

The lawyers and the media and gutless elected officials have helped every gang and independent sociopath feel free to murder in the knowledge that G. Flint Taylor, Jon Loevy and Locke Bowman as well as the Innocense Project and other massively funded university based 'feel-good' coalitions of the comfortable have their backs.

These self-puffing individuals and corporations have undermined any and all public confidence in the American judicial system and have gelded the authority of police officers to combat the killers.  Cadillac Commie lawyers like G. Flint Taylor has a seat at the head of the table for our Chicago bullshit buffet - Chicagoans have been schooled by the academics, columnists and the Peoples Law Office with the Burge Myth.

This Friday night, an incoming freshman to Leo High School was slain thanks to this collective handiwork by the Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers.  On Sunday G. Flint Taylor was given another editorial page perch in the Chicago Sun Times to pound out more Burge Mythology in order to gain him more clients and out of court settlement jackpots.
G. Flint Taylor has failed to prove that Chicago Police Officers tortured anyone; yet, Burge remains Chicago's Burge -ie Man and killings pile up higher than unclaimed corpses in Toni Preckwinkle's morgue.

   allowscriptaccess="always" allownetworking="all" allowfullscreen="true" src="">

Chicago police said Antonio Davis, 14, was shot and killed Friday night near 69th and Union around 8:40 p.m.A day later, a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed in the 6200-block of South Rhodes. Neighbors said there was a large party at the home where the boy was shot that spilled into the street.
Also, a 14-year-old and 15-year-old are recovering from being shot while playing basketball near their home Saturday night. It happened around 8:43pm in the 2400-block of East 74th Street. The two victims were playing when a gunman approached on foot and opened fire, striking the two.
Davis' family said he was an A and B student at Leo High School and had dreams of becoming a basketball player.
"I just know that he was walking to the store to get my niece's baby water and a car pulled up and jumped out at him and shot him" said Davis' aunt, Latrice Strong

Until we recognize the source of Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone, more families will grieve. You can trace the building of Chicago's Thug Comfort from G. Flint Taylor's initial dabblings in the Burge Mythology - thirty years of construction for this societal destruction and millions of dollars in his pockets.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thug Comfort Zone - Media, Lawyers and Thugs, LLC.

Newsman, Academic and Celebrated Radical Joe Goebbels gave us a real Thug Comfort Zone - It was in All The Newspapers. Once Confidence in Law and Justice gets Undermined - It's Easy!

'At times, the sole point seems to be avoiding the truth.'

That was the only correct - if not honest - part of the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board's justification of the smear series crafted by Steve Mills and his band of sycophants. Steve Mills's team make that point - avoiding the truth. Radical thinking sells papers. It seems odd that this paper's Editorial Board wants to league up with some real bad actors. I'm just a guy who reads the news and it would seem to me that any paper would want to help make this city safer by helping Police find murderers and not enrich lawsuit lawyers. But that's just me. Maybe they will wake up.

Steve Mills has made a career of being spoon fed stories and 'series' like this latest spoiled tripe out of hand by the likes of Bernardine Dohrn Ayers, G. Flint Taylor, Jon Loevy, Locke Bowman and the think tanks fueled by left-wing philanthropists. They are - it seems - a 'criminal' enterprise; it seems to me - a 501(c)3 funded charity pool of gelt feeding an overtly radical political agenda really should be given a stern look by a serious journalist. Where is RICO when you need him?

In Life's Ironic spin, Steve Mills and the MacArthur Center for Justice (MCJ) - 'Investigative Steve,' doing the scribbling and sanctimony, while the 501 (c) 3 salaried political lawyers at MCJ doled out eye droppers of tips at a time and 'solid' allegations by the pocketful - had their collective asses handed to them a few years ago when a jury tossed the charges of 'institutionalized beatings' at Cook County Jail in twenty minutes. Quicker than it takes a glutton to put away his lunch.

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board is beating its avian chest over this new 'hard-hitting' bowl of tripe served up by the very same folks. Police Abuse allegations -real and imagined are here to stay, until the paper gets more cancellations than the Sun Times.

That is not important. What is important to all Chicagoans is the Thug Comfort Zone created by this radical leftist and cynically short-sighted agenda. The most vicious and well-armed killers in this City act without fear - they murder with impunity; safe in the knowledge that any Police interdiction will be met with howls in the press and sanctimonious hypocrisy from the ususual suburban TV newscasters.

This Confederacy of Louses is as complicit in the deaths of two fine young men - Jason Riley and Steve Lyons - both black, both male, both productive citizens and both murdered in this Thug Comfort Zone - as the gang-bangers throwing the shots.

These same Chicago Editorial Boards that screamed for Justice for the Willis children in the George Ryan Trial can now worm and squirm when some citizens - some victims' families come looking for that same Justice.

Please,click on my post title for Chicago Tribune's Trevor Jensen's celebration of the Life of Jason Riley. God Bless you for your courage and sweetness, Kid!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone Kills Kids and Christmas

Chicago is a thug comfort zone.  It became so, because of anti-police mythologies, a complete undermining of any and all confidence in the American Justice system and the racial grievance industry.

A thug can kill with impunity and murder witnesses..  This weekend,  a 15 year old boy was murdered because a 17 year old thug wanted his jacket. No police officer has been charged with killing a kid for his Ipod, Timberlines, Jordans, jewelry, or inability to answer the fundamental GD, Stones, or Mickey Cobra catechism questions.  Nevertheless, police officers are public enemy number one, because of flannel-mouthed morons like Michale Eric Dyson, Al Sharpton, Joan Walsh, Chris Hayes and Chicago's editorial boards,

Thugs kill and rob with impunity.

Did you know that in Gresham, Englewood, Grand Crossing, Chatham and Bronzville neighborhoods Black families refrain from putting up Christmas decorations in order to signal the thugs that there is nothing under tree.

Only this morning, one of the young guys whom I drive to Leo High School every morning had his home broken into on Saturday and his family's Christmas presents redistributed to the thugs.

The family took down the Christmas tree, the lights and any other notification of shared values.  If your home or apartment in the 'Hood displays Christmas, the thugs find cause to rob you.

This war on Christmas goes way beyond the Bill O'Reilly-variety; this war on Christmas is personal.

The news media gooses the numbers of idealistic dopes who Metra into the Loop from our suburban Napervilles, Wilmettes and Winnetkas who need to march in solidarity against "police violence," purchase an "I Can't Breathe" T-shirt, beat a few drums and disrupt traffic when called into Action by race fakirs like Sharpton and pasty-faced clowns like MBC's Brian Williams.

We live in a thug comfort zone, because we are OK with it.  We feel good about it. It is cathartic to blame the cops, march in solidarity and assuage white guilt, or black frustration.  It sure beats actually doing something about it - like facing our own demons, defending the sanctity of life, working for institutions and people who are not a huge part of problem and actually being accountable, for something.

The Christ Child is naked, cold and about to take a 9mm if Joe and Mary don't give up the  gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

Sunday, April 13, 2008

John McCain: Chicago Police Officers - Justice Has Your Backs!

Chicago Police Officers have been under assault by the very forces of radical thought in America that Senator Barack Obama wears over his shoulders like a good heavy top-coat out on the stump - well, there's stumps and there's stumps. As Senator Obama so clearly stated last week at the donor ( $2,500 a Butt Place) get-together in San Francisco last week, Cops, cling to your Faith and your weapons.

All summer long and through the fall of 2007, Chicago Police Officers, not the City of Chicago, came under an orchestration of strings, horns and percussion from the Chicago Sun Times News Group. It was an atonal Progressive Piece.

On July 10th, 2007 Sun Times editor Cheryl Reed issued her proclamation "we [the Chicago Sun-Times editorial page] are returning to our liberal, working-class roots, a position that pits us squarely opposite the Chicago Tribune—that Republican, George Bush-touting paper over on moneyed Michigan Avenue."

What followed was not a series of editorials or reports in support of hard-working, over-taxed, crime-victimized Chicago citizens, but what appeared to be a daily pogrom of Chicago Police Officers.

Radical Lawyers, University 501(c)3 Thinks Tanks, Street Reverends, Urban Translators,* convicted murderers, foolishly gutless elected officials and community activists publicly attempted to undermine any and all confidence in law enforcement by arguing that Chicago Police Officers, black,Hispanic, Asian and white were fundamentally brutal racists drunk on power - and other lubricants as well.

Radical lawyers, especially G.Flint Taylor ( Peoples Law Office) and Jon Loevy, had their coal shovelled for them by Cheryl Reed's Progressive Independent Voice of Chicago. Reed's catch-phrase 'Let's Get into It!' Challenged criminals violate the laws and safety of Chicago and its citizens and win a Lotto Lawsuit with Flint Taylor or Jon Loevy in the public eye.

During the Sun Times reign of terror, a Thug Comfort Zone was created in Chicago. Mary Mitchell. Frank Main, and Mark Brown voiced 'concerns' about Chicago's 'systemic racism and corruption.' Convicted murderers who had been pardoned by Governor Ryan sued the City of Chicago and nearly every day lawyers like Taylor and Loevy or radical think tanks from Northwestern University Law ( smeared by the continued tenure of convicted domestic terrorist and Obama friend Bernardine Dohrn) spokesmen Locke Bowman were given gallons of ink by the Chicago Sun Times to pillory the very women and men charged with 'keeping a lid' on Chicago's Homicide Roller Coaster.

Here are but ten of 185 such pieces that helped create Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone:

'They thought they could run completely amok'
Click here for complete article
Author: Frank Main and Fran Spielman The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: July 19, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 18
Word Count: 548
More than 1,200 complaints have dogged 57 officers in the Chicago Police Department's elite Special Operations Section over the past five years. But only four of those complaints have led to discipline: a 15-day suspension and three reprimands, according to statistics obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Over the same period from 2001 to 2006, at least six members of the citywide Special Operations Section robbed drug dealers and honest citizens alike, prosecutors say. Those...

Is this the face of police brutality?Click here for complete article
Author: Abdon M. Pallasch and Frank Main The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: July 27, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 3
Word Count: 692
An officer the Chicago Police Department tried to fire for punching an elderly man in the face after a fender-bender is now accused of doing nothing while fellow cops beat up bar patrons in January. On Thursday, the four patrons filed a lawsuit in federal court saying they were beaten by at least five cops early Jan. 7 outside Carol's Pub at Clark and Leland on the North Side.

The defendants include Detective John Sebeck, who was suspended for nine months in 2000 after the...

Sharpton puts city on noticeClick here for complete article
Author: Lisa Donovan The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: July 31, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 3
Word Count: 537
The Rev. Al Sharpton is coming to town. The brash New York minister's civil rights organization is opening a Chicago chapter this week, in part to pressure Mayor Daley and the Cook County state's attorney's office to deal more swiftly with police officers accused of brutality.

"There's been a consistent pattern of police misconduct, and a lot of people feel Daley has been getting a pass," Sharpton said.

He said that...

Chicago blacks getting a new rising star
Click here for complete article
Author: Mary Mitchell The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 2, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 10
Word Count: 722
The Rev. Al Sharpton may be the public face of the Chicago Chapter of the National Action Network, but it ain't all about Al. What was launched Wednesday afternoon in front of the historic Regal Theater wasn't just a new chapter of Sharpton's New York operation. It was an anointing of Jeri Wright, daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah H. Wright.

Rev. Wright is pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, a congregation that has been at the forefront of several...
Nota Bene! Nota Bene!

Daley rips Sun-TimesClick here for complete article
Author: Fran Spielman and Andrew Herrmann The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 2, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 11
Word Count: 541
Mayor Daley on Wednesday accused the Chicago Sun-Times of trying to create conflict between himself and the Rev. Al Sharpton in a desperate attempt to sell newspapers by fanning racial tension. "I don't know why you're trying to position me on that. It's really unfair. . . . My picture in the paper yesterday and today -- Al Sharpton on one [side] and me [on the other]. Pretty soon, they'll have boxing tournaments going on....

Rev. Al sure stirs up our emotionsClick here for complete article
Author: Mark Brown The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 2, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 6
Word Count: 714
Mayor Daley thinks we're trying to sell newspapers by writing about Al Sharpton. Is it that obvious?

Sharpton. Sharpton. Sharpton.

I just generated 10 more hits for the Web site.

Of course, we're using Al Sharpton to sell newspapers. It's always worked in New York.

Somebody says New York stuff doesn't go over well in Chicago. I think that's the idea. We don't need you to like Sharpton to take an interest in...

Only acting?Click here for complete article
Author: Michael Sneed The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 8, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 5
Word Count: 521
A STARKS ATTACK . . . A Stalin purge? Sneed hears acting Police Supt. Dana Starks' first order of business Monday was to order the picture and name of former top cop Phil Cline stricken from the department's Web site.


Sneed has learned a paternity suit was filed against Starks in September 2000 by a woman who still works in a top position at the City Colleges of Chicago.

The request to establish parentage was settled in October 2001, when...

Daley joins Sharpton rallyClick here for complete article
Author: Andrew Herrmann The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 8, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 24
Word Count: 355
Mayor Daley last week suffered brickbats by the Rev. Al Sharpton over police brutality. On Tuesday, Daley offered up a bouquet, appearing at a "decency" rally staged by Sharpton's organization. Speaking at Millennium Park, Daley thanked Sharpton for inviting him to the rally, staged to protest racially and sexually derogatory rap music lyrics.

Sharpton, who last week charged that Daley was "getting a pass" on police brutality, was...

Judge: Give inmate new hearing due to cop tortureClick here for complete article
Author: Eric Herman The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 15, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 10
Word Count: 171
In the first example of a Cook County Criminal Court judge acknowledging torture at Area 2 police headquarters, Judge Thomas Sumner granted a man convicted of murder in 1984 a new hearing on whether his confession is admissible. Sumner's ruling Tuesday raises the possibility that James Andrews, imprisoned since 1983, could get a new trial. The judge noted Andrews' convictions were based almost entirely on his alleged confession, taken at a time of "systematic...

Mistrust of police gives cover to crooksClick here for complete article
Author: Mary Mitchell The Chicago Sun-Times
Date: August 16, 2007
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Page: 12
Word Count: 656
In normal times, Aaron R. Harrison Jr. would not become a martyr. At the time of his fatal run-in with Chicago Police in a North Lawndale alley Aug. 6, Harrison, 18, was on probation for a 2006 drug conviction involving heroin. He had been arrested numerous times during the past year.

But his criminal past didn't matter Wednesday when Harrison was being funeralized at New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church on the West Side.

Nearly 1,000 people filled the sanctuary and...

Good God!

The dedicated men and women of Chicago Police Department continued to Serve and Protect under this most unwholesome reign of terror. Citizens died from violence and went completely ignored by the creators of the Thug Comfort Zone: two Leo High School graduates of the Class of 2004 Jason Riley Class Valedictorian and Golden Gloves Boxing Champion 2003 (125Lb. Division) was shot in the back by gang bangers at 69th & Justine in front of witnesses and received only coverage and outcry from the Chicago Tribune. Two weeks earlier, Steve Lyons, Leo 2004 Thompson Gold Medal Scholar, was murdered while studying at his desk in his grandmother's home by gang bangers. Neither, death provoked any artificial outcry from Mary Mitchell, Frank Main, Abdon Pallasch, Mark Brown or Cheryl Reed. No class for marches, no nothing, because their deaths could not result in a Lotto Lawsuit by Lefty Lawyers, or enrich any Urban Translator, or hand a microphone to University Think Tank loudmouths.

Cheryl Reed is gone. Chicago Sun Times is limping to an ignominious end. Chicago Police Officers still serve and protect.

Payback is a tall beautiful woman with her eyes covered and a nifty set of scales in her mitts. That babe is a knockout.

She may help get an unjustly accused and convicted Chicago Police Man out of an Iowa Prison.

She may help the Lyons and Riley families find justice against the people who created the Thug Comfort Zone that killed Jason and Steve.

Chicago Police officers may get help from this beautiful woman in November, when John McCain get elected to the Presidency.

This morning, as every morning I began my day with the women and men who keep me safe. I open to CPD Officers' only forum the great Blodsite Second City Cop. The Chicago Police Officers - not the command structure - seem to have better morale these days. They are getting a look at the crumbling structure, sadly around Obama's Campaign, of the foundation of the Thug Comfort Zone. The Babe with the scales has you backs Officers!

From today's Second City Cop:

Sen. Barack Obama was criticized Friday by his two fellow presidential candidates for statements he made recently at a San Francisco fundraiser that could be viewed as derogatory toward rural America.

"You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them," Obama said Sunday, according to the Huffington Post web site.

"And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not," Obama reportedly continued. "It's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."
"...cling to guns"? Isn't that a Right enshrined in the United States Constitution?

"...or religion"? Again, a Right. People are free to worship or not as they see fit. And if religion is the touchstone that helps them live their lives morally, ethically and properly, who is Obama to claim they are "bitter"? We wonder why Obama seems to "cling" to the Trinity Church where an obviously deranged "reverend" claims the CIA invented AIDS and 9/11 was deserved.

"...anti-immigrant"? How about "anti people breaking the laws of the United States to come here, drain the economy and demand protections due only to actual citizens of this country"? Everyone here today is descended from immigrants, but most of our ancestors did it properly.

Hillary is circling the drain, but the more Obama speaks, the more people realize he's nothing more than an old-time big-government liberal elite who's going to raise taxes, kowtow to special interests and pretty much destroy the economy by implementing gigantic social programs on a level unseen since the 1930's.

Barring a disaster, it's McCain in November.

It's clear that gang members and the justice system they sometimes encounter operate in different social spheres. You might even say that such (alleged) criminals speak a different language than judges and attorneys. That, at least, is a point of discussion in a Chicago courtroom.

Wallace "Gator" Bradley is currently acting as a "court interpreter" for a gang member suing the city because, he claims, police tortured confessions out of him. In a criminal trial, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, Aaron Patterson shouted in court, threatened his attorneys and attacked one of them.

To keep him calm in his current trial, Bradley is sitting at his table in court and helping him keep calm. Attorney Frank Avila made this argument in pressing the judge to accept the unusual arrangement: "Mr. Bradley and him come from a different subculture and they are familiar with each other's, let's say, emotional needs. So I'm using this analogy of having a translator in a different language. And I know that sounds kind of radical, but I think that's correct. And I think Mr. Bradley would be critical in communicating with my client."

Attorneys for the other side find this all highly irregular. "All of us were stunned when Patterson's attorney described Mr. Bradley as an urban translator," said Patricia Bobb, an attorney for a Cook County judge who is among those Patterson is suing.

Especially because he could be saving a bundle.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

McCain: Daley states, 'That's Right! You Know What Time It Is!' - He's 'Bout To Bust a Property Tax Cap, YO!

Only Hours after bringing Chicago Public School Homicides to its knees with a dramatic and well-publicized March around Thompson Center, shots were fired near Morgan Park High School in my neighborhood.

With his usual aplomb, Daley went Old Testament on the City Tax-payers. Daley and Arne Duncan, both proud products of private education, promised to bust a cap- Property Tax Cap - the one that was raised last Fall, if Gov. Blago does not come up with the trump for Arne's National Laugh, in the ear of Chicago Tax Payers.

That's me. I take the weather personally.

Public Schools are tragedy and Chicago Public Schools are Blood Tragedy ( Marlowe, Jonson, Ford)- the shockingly violent sister of the genre. CPS kids die from homicide. People kill those kids. The guns do not go off by themselves. People kill other people because they feel comfortable doing so - we live in a Thug Comfort Zone.

We live in a Thug Comfort Zone, because thugs are fearless - they suffer no consequences. The sorry state of public education in Chicago contributes to the Thug Comfort Zone, as do the more moronic members of the media, lawsuit addicted radical lawyers, radical 501(c)3 University Think Tanks and gutless politicians.

School Choice will help end the violence, by forcing Arne Duncan to make his school's accountable through competition.

John McCain is a Federalist who will lead for School Choice. The Federal Government will encourage States to act on School Choice.

Here's Insane Arne D on what you need to know:

Chicago Schools CEO Arne Duncan said $180 million in new state money is the "bare minimum" to allow the district to expand kindergarten, evening classes and foreign-language instruction, among other programs.

The threat comes after Daley raised property taxes last fall. Additionally, the City Council increased the real estate transfer tax as part of a CTA bailout that also included a quarter-cent sales tax increase that took effect Tuesday. Come July 1, the Cook County Board's 1 percent sales tax increase will hit taxpayers.

Get to Marching' Arne!

The rest of us, let's get to John McCain's leadership on School Choice.

You know what time it is!

Click my post title. for the story on Daley's Threat

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Chicago River Bridge Assassin - Dressed to Kill in Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone: Every Girl Crazy 'Bout a Sharp Dressed Man!

Clean shirt, new shoes
And I don't know where I am goin' to.
Silk suit,black tie,
I don't need a reason why.
They come runnin' just as fast as they can
Coz' every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.
ZZ Top

The gunman was described as black with a thin build and short Afro, wearing a light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black shorts. He also may have worn a raincoat. Police said they found a shell casing and a backpack believed to belong to the gunman.

Gary Reidy was eating at the Smith & Wollensky steakhouse nearby when he thought he heard a car backfiring but later learned it was gunfire. "You don't expect this kind of thing on a Monday afternoon in downtown Chicago," he said.

Carl Burson Jr., 32, was on his way to a movie. "This is not a war zone, this is downtown Chicago," Burson said. "We don't do that down here."
Chicago Tribune

A brace of points:

1. The mope shooter "was described as black with a thin build and short Afro, wearing a light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black shorts." Not exactly an Adolph Menjou and certainly hardly a blend-in set of habiliments. Blue Dress Shirt and Black Shorts with a Raincoat?

2. "This us not a war zone, this is downtown Chicago. We don't do that down here."

What do you mean We, Carl? This is and has been a Thug Comfort Zone. Imagine, if a cop had premptively stopped our Beau Brummel with the Nine just short of his victim. The Tribune, reporting on this shooting, would have a full-force editorial war on the individual police officer with Jon Loevy, G. Flint Taylor and Locke Bowman standing ramrod straight like scowling, four-eyed Chinese-triplets in front of ninety microphones and hundreds of notepads bringing suit against the City, the police officer, Brooks Brothers, ZZ Top and GQ for Fashion Racism.

This one man Clown Posse shot and intended to kill, because he can -not could - anywhere, anytime and anyone. Not downtown? Really?

This ain't no movie, Carl.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stapesless Politicians Killed Policing - Chicago is Thug Comfort Zone

Image result for Chicago Cop taking abuse

"But down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid." Raymond Chandler
"The three smallest bones in your body are all found inside your ear, and you would be completely deaf without them.  Known formally as the malleus, incus and stapes (and informally as the hammer, anvil and stirrup, after their approximate shapes), Natural News

Our problems are First World Problems - "My God! Tom Skilling said we can expect up to ten inches of Snow!  Trump is President!  There's Fake News!  The Cop Thinks I Ran that Red Light - I Know It was Green!"

It is my belief that the only people who should be allowed a beef are First Responders, the only people dedicated to making America remain First World.

I watched a cop get a dressing down from a motorist on Western Ave. at about 110th Street, around 11 A.M., yesterday.   I was walking home from Mr. Swifty Dry Cleaners and could hear the woman who looked and sounded like that smug 'sixty-something' in the AARP commercials. The officer was African American and about thirty years of age and wrote the violation with appreciative good humor.  The woman argued that she had 'not run through the red light' at 109th Street just past County Fair FoodsImage result for Big Plans - snooty AARP commercial "Big Plans!"

I nodded to the officer in full appreciation for his 'troubles.'

The officer was not chasing a thug, or wondering whether or not he should draw his service weapon and go home at the end of the shift; he was taking lip from a well-heeled harpy with that goofy bumpy sticker that only really nasty-tempered and intolerant people seem to slap on the rump of their roadsters - COEXIST
Image result for coexist bumper sticker

I went on my way. I don't have any bumper stickers.  I wear my heart on mu sleeve - it is more than just a handkerchief, you know.

I wondered if this harridan had a Blue Ribbon and Blue Light on here porch.  That would really seal the deal.

The cop would go to his next urban adventure.  Ms. AARP would tell everyone at her Book Club about her battle with fascism.  Maybe she gave Ja'mal Green a jingle about a get together.

The cop might be taking rounds on Vincennces at 103rd,  Percy Julian has had more than few stray lead peltings these past few years.

Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone,  I have been writing those three words since here on Google since 2006.

ChiRaq, Beruit on the Lake, Kosavo on Kostner, it is all the same; not because of Police Officers, or systemic racism, or a Code of Silence, or Commander Burge, but because of mayors and politicians from Jane Byrne, Harold Washington, Gene Sawyer and Richie Daley right up to and including Rahm Emanuel.

Each mayor wanted crime to go away and homicides to disappear, but doing so allowed the Marxists Lawyers and the well-funded university Centers for Law, Journalism, Truth, Wrongful Justice and Revolution kick up public relations, headlines, editorial series, class-action lawsuits, hefty Lefty contributions, controlled narratives and mythologies, while mayors went to ground under Massive Instant Payout Settlements, Blue Ribbon Panels, Task Forces, Musling Officer Testimony, Judge  Shopping, Conversations about Race, Community Policing, Floral traffic medians and access to the fifth floor for Sneed, Marin, Brown, Steinberg, Goudy and Shaw.

The Marxists co-opted philanthropy and the Politicians co-opted Media Faces, all the while allowing police officers and policing to twist in the wind, dry up and blow away.

The Marxists of the People Law Office, Loevy & Loevy, et. al. are going to ambulance chase, agitate, smear and whine.

Government should be something less than boneless, in the face of such assaults. It is not.

Richard M. Daley was shameful.  Rahm is disgraceful.  They have lacked tiniest element of bone mass.  The three smallest bones of the human body are found in the ear - the stapes, being the smallest of the hammer, anvil and stirrup.

Rather than allow themselves to be grouped with police officers involved in the sworn duties as patrolmen and detectives, Daley and Emanuel have crushed individuals and policing itself under the brass wheels of City Hall bus.

The officer taking abuse from Ms. COEXIST near Mr. Swifty's yesterday feels the wheels.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Paula Deen Spoons on Butter and Mary Mitchell Trowels on Horse Manure and Paula Deen is the Problem?

Lead story image

This poor starving child (above) must have been hungry and so he murdered an Italian immigrant owner of a pizza joint on Roosevelt Road.
FILE - June 21 2013: Celebrity chef PaulDeen has been fired by Food Network after racial slur controversy.  Food
Paula Deen is a lady who puts butter in everything on Television, or rather had done so until she was summarily executed by the Star Chamber of Post-Racial America. The cook and owner of a Savannah Georgia restaurant and star of the Food Network was being nuisance suited by a disgruntled employee and in the civil suit deposition admitted to using the " N " word sometime prior to the Clinton Administration.  I guess there is no statute of limitations on the use of six letter words that make one go figure, shout bigger, or squeeze a trigger.

I know who Paula Deen happens to be, but I had not known that she is the root cause of racial injustice, until I tripped over Mary Mitchell's venomous tongue this morning.  Mary Mitchell is the racist one-note-samba of the Chicago Sun Times.  Mitchell's ideas resonate in the tweedy sections of Hyde Park, Evanston and Oak Park Illinois and clang everywhere else.   Mary Mitchell's Metaphor - A Slap in the Face e.g." Decision to Cancel Brooks -Payton Is a Slap in the Face" If the number of such racial buffetings endured by African Americans cited by Ms. Mitchell were unrhetorical this suffering  urban demographic would be as slug-nutty as the Cooney Brothers.

I work in the African American community five and sometimes seven days a week and know that not to be the case and that black women, men and children are tough, spirited, generous, aspirational and most of all independent minded. Unless, I am very much mistaken.

Mary Mitchell thinks that " what Deen did or did not say more than 20 years ago isn’t the real problem.
I’m not even shocked that Deen apparently had a hankering for the days when black men waited on white people hand and foot. Frankly, she probably could have the backlash from her outdated racial attitudes."
Could that be as bad as being Thug-Ugly capped at work?  Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone built by ideas spawned by the likes of G. Flint Taylor, Jon Loevy, Ceasefire, Urban Translators, Editorial Boards and university based Centers for Criminalia Negotia et Equum Stercoris.
Mary Mitchell writes mounds of horse manure that are troweled over bricks of the Thug Comfort Zone. Mary Mitchell puts horse manure into every column.
Ms. Deen puts butter in food, but had been injudicious in her remarks regarding African Americans. The Rev. Jesse Jackson* Sr. proudly noted that in his fast food service days he had spit hockers onto and into the orders of white folks, called for the castration of the first black American President, referred to Jews as Hymies and remains listed as a columnist just above Mary Mitchell in the Chicago Sun Times.

Paula Deen will be Ok.

How about black kids walking to schools outside of their neighborhoods tomorrow morning, or Italian immigrant pizzeria owners, or people who read Mary Mitchell and nod with conviction and full agreement?

They are and will remain screwed and that is no slap in the face.

*Life Magazine | November 29th, 1969
... Sometimes he preaches on the legacy of slavery, and one senses that as he stands up there, his eyes ablaze, arms flailing, neck veins rigid, he is feeling every lash of every old whip. During these sermons Jackson sweats profusely, the only visible symptom of sickle-cell trait, a chronic blood disease that saps his stamina but which he ignores in the drama of the moment. Jackson talks about himself at these meetings. Once he told of his days as a waiter at the Jack Tar Hotel in his home town of Greenville, S.C. Just before leaving the kitchen he would spit into the food of white patrons he hated and then smilingly serve it to them. He did this, he said, "because it gave me psychological gratification." It was something everybody in the audience understood.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Slaughter at 79th & Western - Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone

Chicago police investigate a shooting this evening that occurred in a CTA terminal on the 7900 block of South Western Avenue. (For the Tribune/Eric Clark)

I turned east on 79th Street having taken Western Avenue ( I usually take Vincennes Ave.,but construction has resumed at 87th Street on the Metra turning that route into dangerous bottleneck of racing cars). Last night nine people (8 males -5 of them GDs and Vice Lords- and a woman) were shot up, though none fatal) and last week a man had been shot there at the CTA Terminus.

My son went to St. Rita High School across Western and my daughter was at St. Rita for Cheerleading and had left the area only moments before - practice ended at 8:45 P.M.. I drop her off in the parking lot and pick her up in the school's parking lot.

I work about one mile east of Western at Leo High School. I got over here a little before 5 AM. There are frequent shooting here east of Western Avenue, but now the gun madness has walked West to the middle class neatness of Wrightwood -St. Tommy More Parish.

This street 79th Street was once a bustling business strip for the largest Catholic population in Chicago. It is now, a sad strip of fish joints, sandwich shops, Rothschild's Liqour outlets and Day Cares. Gangs flourish.

I used to work at Gee Lumber on the site of what is now St. Rita's Football Field and a Korean Freghtyard. That was in the late 1960's. Where the Sharks and Mikey D's dispense fast-food to obese Americans, there once stood Sharko's a Greek family owned banquet hall and restaurant.

At the CTA Terminus,from the 1960's until the 1990's stood a diner of legend,Miss Muffet's, where CTA passengers could safely enjoy hot breakasts, hot roast beef and mashed potatoes and carrots with gravy, or grab a great cup of real coffee, in safety and some comfort.

Now, people worry about ingesting lead.

Chicago needs to cut the hand-wringing PC Horse Manure out of its diet. Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone, so long as Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers, gutless politicians, compliant editorial boards, and race-baiting hustlers are allowed to make millions from the blood of Chicagoans.

Nine people were shot--but only one seriously--in what police described as a likely gang-related shooting Monday night at a CTA turnaround on the South Side.

The shootings, which brought Police Superintendent Jody Weis to the scene, occurred at South Western Avenue and 79th Street at 9:14 p.m.

Police sources identified five of the nine victims as gang members. Four are Gangster Disciples and one a Vice Lord, they said.

Police said the injuries sustained by eight of the victims were not life-threatening, but that one man was in serious condition although expected to survive.

No one was in custody as of 5 a.m.

Shot were eight males--ranging in age from 16 to 31--and a woman, 20, police said. The male victims sustained wounds mainly to their extremities, although one suffered a neck wound and another was shot in the thigh. The woman was shot in the ankle.

They were being interviewed by police at Holy Cross, Advocate Christ, Stroger and Mount Sinai hospitals.

Weis also told reporters at the scene that the incident appeared to be gang-related, "so I don't want people to think there's any kind of threat against people waiting for the bus or anything like that." He said police were interviewing witnesses at the hospitals.

A group of males was in the area of the bus turnaround at the time of the shooting, he said.

"It might have been a matter of opportunity that the offenders in this case perhaps saw some people that they were looking for and that it just happened that this was the time that they chose to execute their attack," Weis said.

Police did not immediately know whether any weapons were recovered at the scene.

The department's gang unit was working with Wentworth Area detectives and specialized units in the investigation. Police also requested videotape from area businesses.

Bystanders near the scene reported seeing several shell case markings at the bus terminal.

The shootings occurred about two blocks from St. Rita High School, 7740 S. Western Ave.

A CTA spokeswoman said the No. 49 buses were rerouted and the No. 79 bus bypassed the bus terminal because of the police investigation.

About two dozen marked and unmarked police cars, as well as a police squadrol and a mobile command post were at the scene late Monday.

Detectives were combing the area surrounding the terminal. Other police personnel examined video from a surveillance camera near the intersection.

Yellow tape was blocking traffic around the terminal, about a half a block north of 79th Street. Dozens of onlookers were standing around in the CVS pharmacy parking lot next to the terminal watching the police activity.

-- Carlos Sadovi and Serena Maria Daniels

God help us all!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone Devours a Great Cop - God Bless Sgt. Eddie Howard of the 6th District

Sgt. Eddie Howard with TAC Officer Bill Murphy fighting gangs, guns and drugs in Pullman, Roseland and Altgeld Gardens.

Real Chicago Motto- Victima Urbem et Urbem de Percussores/Victim City a City of Thugs!

Three teens and a women were shot in the Gresham neighborhood only hours after a bench trial before Judge Clayton Crane declared Sgt. Edward Howard guilty of slapping a spitting thug.

Despite the loudly trumpeted and hosanna-ed enlistment by the City of Chicago of the gang-banger pensioners who are CeaseFire and the phalanx-ed precision marching bow ties of Calypso Louis Farrakhan's Fruit of Islam through the streets of Auburn Gresham on Monday, three teens and a woman were shot in the Gresham neighborhood.

On October 10, 2010, a nineteen year old waste of DNA was arrested and cuffed for trespass on private property at 7904 S. Vincenses, a corner intersection known for its history thuggery.  This waste of DNA spit at Sgt. Eddie Howard, CPD. The sergeant gave him a couple of slaps in self-defence( HIV;Hepatitis/ TB/Air-borne pathogens of all variety) and  the thug and his Mamma called the Independent Police Review Authority and Chicago's Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers - that is standard operating practice for thugs in Chicago. Get a slap and get a payoff. Mayor Daley was always happy to pay.  Superintendent Jodi Weiss loved to play with thugs and had an afternoon tea with Gangster Royalty in the Garfield Park Conservatory. Daley and Weiss tossed a twenty five year veteran to the jackals.

Why not?  It got Chuck Goudy, Frank Main, Mary Mitchell and community organizers off of Daley's back.  In fact, Daley did all he could as Mayor to geld police authority and cozy up to Progressives.  Progressives hate cops and love thugs.  You will never hear of G. Flint Taylor, Locke Bowman, or Jon Loevy taking up the cause of an Officer Mette, when they can Free Mumia!

Chicago thugs are free to murder, so why not spit in the face of police officers?  Call the Independent Police Review Authority! 

There is also a Police Board comprised of lawyers, consultants, and a Reverend. Here is their charter:

The Police Board's primary powers and responsibilities include:
  • Deciding disciplinary cases involving allegations of police misconduct.
  • Holding monthly public meetings that provide an opportunity for all members of the public to present questions and comments to the Board, the Superintendent of Police, and the Chief Administrator of the Independent Police Review Authority.
  • Nominating candidates for the position of Superintendent of Police to the Mayor

I see nothing about support for police officers (link below).

In 2007, the Chicago Police Department was gelded by Mayor Daley's Chicago City Council following wildly publicized cases of individual police misconduct.  The City of Chicago Independent Police Review Authority was established.  Since 2007, Chicago's murders have dominated the news, with the exception of a few days in May.

 Chicago Police were allowed to conduct themselves, as they have always done so, with professionalism and courage in order to make the investments of City Chicago's NATO Summit remain free of any negative focus. Supt. McCarthy became  George Washington and his troops Sons of Liberty, until the NATO folks took their goody bags home and then they became Hessians again.

Chicago Cops are between a $hit and a sneeze.

The Chicago Police Officers are targets with bulls-eyes on their backs manufactured by Cadillac Commie lawyers, academic frauds with piles of money looted from family foundations through Northwestern and University of Chicago,  later-day IF Stones and John Reeds writing smarmy and fatuous columns about rogue racist cops and systemic racism and provided to the thugs with tax-dollars, from the cops themselves, as well as the citizens of this City of Victims, by cynical, or stupid politicians.

The killings will mount, not just continue, because the nodders and the ninnies who eat up the nonsense poured out daily by the media and the university mouthpieces with easy money in their wallets, have louder mouths than the millions of citizens of this our City of Victims.

Sgt. Eddie Howard, CPD, like so many other good people in this City of Victims, might have helped prevent the shootings in the Gresham neighborhood last night. Sgt. Howard, until he was entrapped by a video that tells only the redacted version of incident at 79th & Vincennes last April,  and the officers of Gresham 6th District protect the neighborhood.  Sgt Howard was tossed to hyenas who created Chicago, The Victim City  by Mayor Daley and Jodi Weiss - October 2010, when the incident occurred -

That is far more plausible than the Million Dollar March to Pay CeaseFire, or the Jew-baiting Fiddler in the Bow-Tie helping anyone but themselves.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seven (7) Homicides in My Neighborhood ( Morgan Park) Since New Year's Day

Chicago's Media, Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers and Thugs have created the Thug Comfort Zone. -

Comfort one -

The comfort zone is a behavioural state within which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviours to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk (Alasdair A. K. White "From Comfort Zone to Performance Management"

Click my post title for Red Eye's Homicide Charts

These seven people died in my neighborhood because Thugs feel free to do so. The feel free to do so, because murder has no consequences - The Chicago Media always takes the side of the murdering thug and helps Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers like Jon Loevy and G. Flint Taylor make millionaires of murderers.

Chicago's Media ( Frank Main/Mark Brown & etc) are spoon fed bullshit and lap it up like gluttons.

Showing 7 homicides in Morgan Park since Jan. 1, 2009.
Name, age +
Story Date +
Time Block Cause +


Brandon Berry, 20
> Read more 2/13/10
8:30 p.m. 11200 S. Hermosa Ave. Gunshot
Anthony Watts, 26
> Read more 12/9/09
9:50 p.m. 11300 S. Aberdeen St. Gunshot
Robert Watson, 29
> Read more 12/9/09
9:50 p.m. 11300 S. Aberdeen St. Gunshot
Kevin Johnson, 20
> Read more 4/14/09
5:03 p.m. 1600 W. 119th St. Gunshot
Parking lot/garage
Gregory Robinson, 14
> Read more 3/13/09
10:35 p.m. 1100 W. 110th Pl. Gunshot
Otis Matthews, 29
> Read more 3/9/09
11 p.m. 11600 S. Church St. Gunshot
Jojuan Miller, 34
> Read more 1/3/09
4:44 a.m. 11300 S. Racine Ave. Gunshot

Friday, February 21, 2014

Buried Ledes and The 'Wrongful' Conviction Industry

Steve Mandell leaves Dirksen Federal Building 2005 with his attorney JLoevy.  |  Sun-Times Medifile photoOne cop that Jon Loevy likes
Steve Mandell leaves the Dirksen Federal Building in 2005 with his attorney Jon Loevy. | Sun-Times Media file photo
Unlike this crew, who have managed to completly avoid corporate and complicit media Inquiry altogether.

bury the lede
  1. (idiomatic) (news writing style) To begin a story with details of secondary importance to the reader while postponing more essential points or facts. 
Lede - means The Man in Old English, interesting to note.

For years, I have written about the willful ignorance of politicians and the media that helped create Chicago's "Wrongful" Conviction Industry.  

Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone thanks in large part to this Industry that benefits journalists, Marxist academics and unprincipled lawyers.  This Industry benefits very few people and was founded on wishful doctrine - John Dewey's replacement of Inquiry for Truth.  Begin with a premise like 'all police officers are paid racists, Uncle Tom Go-longs, or sadistic fascists operating for Systemic Racism' and any conviction even for the most horrific and bloody of acts can and will be tried in the media and over-turned.

Generations of Chicagoans have been emotionally, intellectually and spiritually water-boarded with the drip-drip-dripping yarns of electric testicle burners, Houses of Screams that no one but John Conroy seemed to hear, and sequestered testimony by disappearing boy scouts and of course Vietnam chestnuts.  Kids unborn when Officers Fahey and O'Brien were, in fact, tortured and murdered by the Wilson Brothers at 80th & Morgan deeply believe that Jon Burge tortured more Black persons than Idi Amin.

The Peoples Law Office, G. Flint Taylor, Jon Loevy, David Protess, Locke Bowman and Aaron Patterson are the founding founding fathers of Systemic Police Brutality and Wrongful Convictions, Llc.

Today, we learned, thanks to a public heads-up from police blog The Second City Cop, of the co-operation the law firm of Loevy & Loevy provided to a man hired to murder for the mob. SCC was required to dig the lede up that was buried deeply down page.

Former Chicago cop Steve Mandell took the stand in federal court Thursday to defend himself against charges he plotted multiple murders.
The risky move — rarely taken by defendants, especially in such a high stakes case — comes at the end of a two week trial at which jurors have heard how Mandell built a torture chamber on the Northwest Side, where he planned to extort, then kill a wealthy suburban businessman, and how he allegedly planned to kill an owner of Polekatz strip club and his wife.
But then this happened:
Mandell said he did “a little bit” of the spying he was being paid for, but was conning Michael by claiming to be doing more work than he was being paid for.
He said he used the computer databases and other tools at the civil rights law firm Loevy & Loevy, where he was working as an unpaid process server, to research half a dozen targets Michael had asked him to keep tabs on.
That’s a potential embarrassment for the highly-regarded law firm, which represented Mandell in a 2005 wrongful conviction case against the FBI.

Really? Do tell. The Loevys helped him win a suit against the FBI that was later overturned. And the Loevys also have a habit of scoring large payouts in suits against the City. It certainly sounds like Mandell was hip deep in the shit that got him placed on Death Row once before.
Very interesting. (emphasis my own)
Credit Kim Jansenn of the Chicago Sun Times for providing the  Loevy & Loevy info. Perhaps some investigative jornalist might begin to dig deeper into the Industry and the complicity of academics, lawyers and elected officials in creating the Chicago Thug Comfort Zone.

More interestingly a young Chicago police officer, Martin Preib*, has book coming out this month that sheds light on the protected species of the Wrongful Conviction/Police Torture Industry.

New City Communications **offers a taste of Preib's painstaking research and sharp insights -

 . . . a disturbing vision of David Protess and the Innocence Project emerged, as well as of the wrongful conviction movement itself. In 2011, Protess was caught by Northwestern University “knowingly misrepresenting the facts” in a matter related to an unrelated wrongful conviction case. The attorney for Northwestern told a judge that Protess had altered emails subpoenaed by prosecutors. Protess brushed aside the assertion that he had altered evidence, saying it was just a misunderstanding, but it was enough for Northwestern to conduct its own internal investigation. After this internal investigation, Protess was fired from the university and the school issued a public statement acknowledging Protess’ wrongdoing. I exchanged many emails with Protess and some phone calls with Paul Ciolino when I first became interested in this story. But as my questions eventually revealed my skepticism about the Porter exoneration and the conviction of Simon, as well as the manner in which Protess ran the Innocence Project—which he continues to run to this day independent of Northwestern—Ciolino refused to respond to my inquiries. Eventually, Protess, too, stopped responding to me. How deep did Protess’ lying go? How badly were his cases tainted? Perhaps the best people to answer this question are detectives Salvatore and Gray, and Alstory Simon, who wastes away in prison to this day. “I got accused of a lot of things I didn’t do. There were lies said about me in this case. If they’re lying about me, who else are they lying about? What other detectives are they lying about?” Salvatore says. -
It may be a beginning.  Truth is much tougher to swallow than Inquiry.

*Martin Preib is a Chicago police officer and writer. His first book, “The Wagon and Other Stories from the City,” was published by the University of Chicago Press in 2010. His essays have been published in Playboy, Virginia Quarterly Review (winner of the 2005 Staige D. Blackford Award for Nonfiction) and Tin House.  His new book, “Crooked City,” will be available at this month. -

** is a Web site about Chicago. We start with the core coverage found each week in Newcity magazine, Chicago’s only locally owned and operated cultural weekly, where we’ve been covering the turf for more than 25 years, and extend it with your input on this site.