Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thank You Friends of the Park for Saving our Lakefront and Outing Chicago's Bullies

The Friends of Park have saved Chicago's lakefront, for now.  This is Chicago, neighbors, and you can set your watch by the next public looting boondoggle.

I wonder how Rahm's profanity crusade is going.  Of course NBC Chicago forgives Rahm everything as does WTTW. I Imagine the Rahm swear jar is topped off and ready for a trip to the cash changer at any of Chicago's fine Fifth Third Banks.

That is a Progressive Thinking and Acting Bank

The Progressives ( former Liberals, Goo-goos and Hand-wringers) are in control of every branch of Government - yep, I include Governor Rauner who is merely buying time for his Corporatist Progressive Pals and Oligarchs.

From the White House to Hyde Park, the New Machine controls Chicago and Cook County. The New Machine is not about building legions of Democratic Party workers ready, willing and able to get out the vote as a way of saying 'Thank You" for a job on the trucks, a seat in a Patrol car, a place in an Emergency van, a pick and shovel filling pot holes and reconfiguring curbs.  No this new machine is a faceless blob of bank accounts, 501(c)3 foundations, blue-stocking law firms, real estate monte grifters, Commnity Activists and the News Media.  The poor get a taste of quick cash and lunch boxes and T-shirts, the Armani clad pink cheeks who write small checks not exceeding the the Federal Election Law limits reap huge returns and the middle class, once served so well by the Democrat Party of Cook County pay the bills and get contempt from both the poor and the oligarchs.

This week was a Wow!  The middle guys, who really are the little guys, won one here in Chicago.  The middle/little guys in the UK won the same.

The same ugly and unfair narratives heaped upon Brexit backers, were meted out to the Friends of the Park here in Chicago.

Friends of the Park were villified by every Friend of Rahm/I'm With Her/Hope and Change voice in Cook County.  These forces were marshalled on a huge scale that reminded me of Rahm Emanuel, Forrest Claypool and Pastor Pfleger's smear campaign against the President of Amalgamated Transit Workers Local 308 all through 2013-2014. This was the age of the CTA scandals regarding the Bombardier Rail Car boondoggles and the Ventra Card foul-ups.

Like President Robert Kelly, Friends of the Parks were treated to the attentions of the starving hounds in Rahm Emanuel's kennels.  Pastor Pfleger calls Friends of the Parks Gangsters - you know like the GDs. The Rev says, "Tell me the difference between Friends of the Parks and the Gangster Disciples?"

Well, the GDs shot at me, killed a good number of students that I love, shake down local business people, terrorize everyone, Vote Straight Party on Demand ( call on Elder Hal Baskin GD Emeritus) , launder drug money, sling drugs, possess firearms of every variety and caliber, sport snappy gray, blue and black attire on more formal occasions, can not seem to paly well with the Stones and say 7-4 Til the World Blow and Trust by the old six-pointed star . . .yep, just like Friends of the Park.

  • Pastor Pfleger the political preacher who is probably With Her in 2016   
  • Newton Minnow - The Man who Discovered Barack Obama and Called Television A Vast Waste Land predicted that Rahm would prevail in this dual to death and warned the helots who still read Chicago Editorials without wetting their britches that Friend sof the Park were 'small group setting an agenda' and the might be setting a 'dangerous precedent' - like keeping the public trust. Shucks, can't have that around this burg, Newton.
  • The Sun Times Editorial Board always on the right side of fixed polls and fixed pols
  • The Chicago Reader, the script for the hip, chimed in with the Friends of the Parking Lot Meme - the hip don't tailgate, unless it is for an ironic goof on the squares
The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board surprised me on this one.  They did not swallow the Rahm Bait and to this I attribute the sound voices of John Kass and Kristen McQueary.

The people who really do not like people in the neighborhoods are the people who really hate Friends of Parks.

Friends of Parks, like the Sons of Liberty long ago and forgotten in public education, could be the spark for  Cook County Revolution!  Friends of the Parks proved to be friends of Chicago's Neighborhoods. 

I am making a modest gift to Friends of the Park . today.  

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