Monday, June 20, 2016

Rahm's Chicago is Richie Daley's Monument - No Havoc Here.

"Let's face it: we have a problem in Chicago. The name-calling and politics at City Hall are keeping us from tackling the real issues ... I may not be the best speaker in town, but I know how to run a government and how to bring people together."
Rahm Emanuel worked for the Daley campaign as a fundraiser,[42] David Axelrod as campaign strategist, William Daley as chief strategist, and Forrest Claypool as a campaign aide. Wikipedia on Richard M. Daley

"The more killing and homicides you have, the more havoc it prevents." Richard M. Daley(RMD)

To be fair, Rahm's Chicago began at that time in Richie Daley's Mayorship when the University of Chicago Hyde Park Mafia sunk its hooks in his tiny heart.  That was when kitchen cabinet Progressive types encouraged RMD to Move out of Bridgeport

  • Ax people like Pat Huels, Terry Teele and Oscar De Angelo pronto
  • Use Marilyn Katz PR and watch the Feds takeover  CHA* and send problems to neighborhoods
  • Trust U of C and Northwestern to beat up on the solid but Progressively disdained people who got you elected ( Sheahan, Joyce and Degnan) via university trained Hegelian activists, lawyers and media types: G. Flint Taylor/Locke Bowman/Jeanne Snyder/Bernardin Dorhn et al 
  • Snuggle up to the University of Chicago policy artistes
  • Use hard-ball tactics against old school Ward bosses - embrace Shakman
  • Close neighborhood taverns, where people talk politics ( RMD) closed scores of family saloons in Bridgeport, Canaryville, Back of the Yards, McKinley Park, Brighton Park and in the southwest Mick Wards. 
  • Embrace Progressive platitudes and play act regular old schoolisms to fool the helots.
  • Place Progressive icons in City Departments as Heads and hug  Shakman tighter
  • Have Regular Democratic Organizations ( 10th, 14th, 19th Wards e.g.)  send field troops into Lakeview, Uptown, Rogers Park and Hyde Park to shoo out the votes for our Mike Quigleys, Joe Mooores and Toni Preckwinkles.
  • Turn the keys of the City over to Ameritech, Nortyh Michigan Ave Business Association and Disney.
  • Don't Worry about Torture or Burge, or whatever - Our judges like Judge Robert Gettleman got your back.
All of those moves put Valerie Jarrett in the White House and helped build Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone.

Today, Chicago is America's largest illegal gun range.  The guns used in Chicago's daily bloodbaths are not Commie AK-47s in the hands of Aryan Nation Pro-Lifeers; they are street steel.

We have no havoc and we have tons of homicides.  

Here is today's Butcher Bill 

Year to DateShot - Killed: 271
Shot - Wounded: 1490
Total Shot: 1761
Total Homicides: 302

No Havoc!  Enjoy The Pride Parade, Buy some great Disney Products on the Mag Mile and in City Kiosks Everywhere, but Engelwood, Taste of Chicago and Ride the Giant Ferris wheel!

Disney had one  horrific week with the slaughter of people in a nightclub, the stalker murder of a young singer and the corporate controlled death of a toddler at a Disney Resort.

We have the same corporately controlled environment here in Chicago  - hey, deaths happen, people.

Alligators go where they wants to go and urban thugs get chillin' with killin' G!

Today we "learn" that Disney was very aware of threats posed by alligators even when their nature habitat is 'controlled' by the suits who erased Walt Disney's Vision.

Here is a solid Disney employee shooing away Wally Gator (Chicago has one as well) from guests on Splash Mountain.

More interesting is the comment section from the Daily Mail article that broke this story. where gent from Birmingham, Michigan notes,

@#$$%%%^^, Birmingham MI, United States, about 5 hours ago
Safer here than walking on streets of Chicago
That is quite true, There has yet to be another alligator attack since the horror of last week, but Chicago killings and homices continue to keep Old Man Havoc away!

Disney and Daley and Rahm's Chicago Both Are No-Fly Zones: "“I think just the whole debate about the flight restriction–temporary flight restriction. How difficult that was, how hard it was to get as compared to Mickey and Minnie getting it.”

Hard, Richie, way hard.  Harder than arithmetic.

*Joseph Shuldiner, Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing, will be HUD's point man in Chicago. The former head of New York City's housing authority, Mr. Shuldiner will oversee much of the transition from local to Federal control.
He will arrive in Chicago either Monday or Tuesday to brief Mayor Daley and to talk with residents and the staff of the authority. Mr. Daley is out of the city on a trip to England, paid for by American Airlines, and he could not be reached for comment.

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