Monday, June 27, 2016

ABC Disney's Meat Puppet George Gives Hip Hop Slip Mahoney and Hillary " The Last Word" - And Some Folks Say the Media "Fix is In." No. Really?

DYSON: I'm with her ( Hillary Clinton). My money's on her.
STEPHANOPOULOS: That is the last word for today. Thank you all very much.
Gee, a  media sanctioned and self-styled public intellectual is hoping hardway for Mrs. Clinton and the first rat off of President Bubba's sinking ship, George Stephanopolous fades America!  That is some craps, G!

The Media ( ABC,CBS, NBC, Disney, GE, Sumner Redstone, MSNBC, CNN) want Hillary Clinton to replace Barack Obama. Fair enough, but let us not pretend that things are fair.

This Sunday on ABC we were treated to a tubby loudmouth talking over the other guests and the in-the-tank for Clinton host encouraged incivility.

One of the dumbest of the many puffed-up jerks who write for Big Media is Eric Michael Dyson.  Dr. Mike worked on the  Chicago Sun Times at a time when real journalists worked there -notably the late great Ray Coffey - Dyson had a teaching gig at De Paul which was in its early stages of being Chicago's vraiment bizarre Catholic University and invited the Hip-Hop Slip Mahoney (remember the Late Leo Gorcey) to draw salary and hand out inflated grades.

When not talking over someone else, Dyson murders communication like no one since Terence  Aloysius Mahoney

His column was nothing more than series of beefs about parking tickets and speeding violations accrued by Dr. Eric Michael and his friends, all attributed to systemic white supremacy and the fact that no one knows that Ptolemy was a proud black man.  Was Ptolemy his slave name?

This goof has a home in academics, as goofs universal always seem to spread the old bed roll among the ivy and moved on to Georgetown and other faux-Catholic warren of clowns in gowns.

You see, Eric Michael Dyson is an Afrocentrist motormouth jive talking  sesquipedalian Sportin' Life and Washington D.C. is no stranger to weirdos, cretins, goofs, perverts and grifters, * as Fox News has Busty, Leggy and Oh, My God She IS Gorgeous Women of Talent.  MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS try to have as many such Potomac hobos giving voice to elitist desires daily and heavy on Sunday.  Here's only a few of such weirdos, cretins, goofs, perverts and grifters known as Contributors -

  • Anthony Weiner
  • Rep. Chaka Fattah
  • Rep. Jan Schakowsky
  • Dan Savage
  • Van Jones
  • Rep. Allan Grayson
  • Sen. Dick Durbin
  • Ed Schultz
  • Don Lemon
  • Melissa Harris Perry
  • Chris Hayes
  • Ronan Farrow
  • Katrina Vanden Heuvel
George Stephanopoulos was pioneer goof on Cable TV - kind of a Bolshevik beefcake for the Jacobin elites. 

Well have an election coming up in November that will be a choice between horseshit and manure.

The choices are obvious.

I am going with manure, because it has a purpose - a wicked self-interest, yet will make something grow.

Horseshit could be manure with a little time, patience and direction, but generally requires a diaper. or an army of Streets and Sanitation workers to clean it off of the streets and her husband left a hell a mess anyway. 

Disney, a corporatist monster that hijacked the dream of a wonderful man to sell sweat shop manufactured goods, while undermining American values and erasing its history, owns ABC and, along with the Saudi Royal Family a huge bankroll in the Clinton kick, wants horseshit.

Eric Michael Dyson is fine dispenser of horseshit.

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