Friday, June 24, 2016

How a Blue Collar Yank Sees Brexit - Punters Pummel Polls, Pols and Plutocrat

Darby and Joan who used to be Jack and Jill
The folks who like to be called
What they have always been called
"The folks who live on the hill"

So the Common Market, gussied up in OXFam/BBC GlobeSpeak to EU, got a bit lighter at 5AM London time.

Brexit forces won the national referendum to - Leave, or Remain in the European Union, formerly known as the Common Market.

The United Kingdom joined the EU in 1975, the year I began teaching in American Catholic secondary schools.

Since that time, I have married the woman of my dreams, fathered three splendid children, purchased two homes, been widowed, taught English at three secondary schools and raised millions of dollars as a Director of Development, met and court yet another woman of my dreams and watched the world get meaner.

I use the more archaic form of 'mean' which is anything but golden.  My County Kerry grandparents used the term to describe actions and people that were unnecessarily cruel, stingy, loutish, short-sighted and vain. Inconsiderate and selfish wags the world.

Not always and everywhere, mind you, just the self-described 'big dogs' doing the geopolitical rump wiggles - Politicians, plutocrats and their pet mandarins - pollsters.

Pollsters take orders from politicians and  plutocrats and tell us what is morally objectionable. Us are we. The Darby and Joans.  Regular folks.

They tell us what is the right side of history.

Well Darby and Joans, all over the UK, just confounded the smart and huge money. I watched one flustered chap on the BBC explain that the banks and markets followed William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power
Bookies have drastically revised their odds on Brexit betting after unexpectedly strong early polling for the leave campaign upended their confidence that the United Kingdom would vote to stay in the European Union.
Markets have followed the same dramatic route, with the pound hitting six-month highs before dropping off a cliff.
As voting closed about 7am Australian time, betting agency William Hill was offering odds of 1/9 for a remain victory - indicating a 90 per cent probability the UK would stay in the EU.
The Punters beat the house.  Punter is a British term for 'the people in the shoppe'  -fingering goods and merchandise - searching for a bargain.  Yew Knaooow!  The Commoners.

The oily Hungarian Bond Villain who funds every creepy political astro-turf organization, put his man in the White House with Vakerie Jarrett to yank his voice box in 2008, screwed up Venezuela and Central America more than Jefe Hugo and backed the REMAIN Global UK initiative and even ordered the White House to phone it in hours before the polls opened.

With the date of the Brexit referendum approaching and “Leave” leading in the polls, Soros published an article in the UK Guardian claiming that a vote to leave the EU would trigger an economic disaster.
“It is reasonable to assume, given the expectations implied by the market pricing at present, that after a Brexit vote the pound would fall by at least 15% and possibly more than 20%,” Soros wrote.
Soros coupled his comments with references to a wildly questionable British Treasury economic “model” that estimated a Brexit would reduce UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per household by $6,321 in 2030.
The scare tactics seemed to work over the next few days. The polls indicated that the chances of a “Leave” vote fell dramatically and global stock markets rallied back.
Matthew Tyrmand believes that this is typical of a Soros’ orchestrated “reflexivity” campaign to overload the consciousness of most UK middle- and lower-class voters that against their own self-interest, they will vote to remain in the EU. 

Well, Darby and Joan launched a UK Bourgeois revolution. Like our British cousins, American workers are fed daily yards of tripe from the Soros funded thought mills and have the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Jan Schakowsky and Barack Obama pound our ears about what they are doing for the middle class.  Seems to me that they are doing economic genocide on the American Middle Class.

Another son of blue collar south side Chicago, political journalist, John Patrick Feehry, writes,
The global economy has been remarkable efficient in bringing more products to more customers at better prices.  It has been the principle reason that more people have been lifted out of abject poverty in global history. 
But for the middle class, those who do the bulk of the voting, globalization has come at a tremendous cost.  The poor have done markedly better, the rich have done amazingly better, but those stuck in the middle have seen their wages stagnate if they have jobs at all.
Brexit was vote to stick it to the globalizers.  It was a vote to reestablish national identity.  It was a vote reclaim control of their little piece of the world. 

Well, Shucks!  The Politicians, Polls and the Plutocrat had it handed to them in Old Blighty. Europe faces what one paper called an 'existential crisis' - Sartre would call that ironic.

The UK is out of the EU.  I think that is good thing.  If Polls, Politicians and Plutocrats can look stupid, I call that a very good day.

Now, let's see what America will do - stay on the leash, or break the chains.

This is for you, Darby and Joan!

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