Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sit-in By Cynical Slobs - Sorry; Save for CSPAN Saps.

I am a Democrat.  Still vote that way - largely. I love my Alderman,Matt O'Shea of the 19th Ward, because he is a genuine representative of the people he represents.  I will not vote for a Congressman, State Senator,or State Rep who takes coin from the Abortion Industry, Planned Parenthood, or Personal PAC Illinois - sorry.  I am not a gun owner, never was and never will own one - not because I believe that guns kill people.  Guns can be used to kill people.  People kill with any means they find handy.

I do know that Planned Parenthood kills more people than the NRA.

I have buried far too many young African Americans ( 9 by my count) in the last twenty years.  Not one happened to be gang-banger.  Twice that number have been wounded and one splendid young man will be in a wheelchair for life.

I have had several close calls as well.  The first time in 1998, a bullet whispered past my left ear and then two more, before I hit the pavement at 79th Street and Sangamon.  I called my Dad, who was a WWII veteran of Bougainville, Guam and Iwo Jima and described the very distinct sound of the rounds. " Did fill your Union Suit?" was his response.  No, I answered.  " You will the next time."

He was right.  I learned to fall with my broad manly rump facing the shooter, so as not to take one in the head.  Strange things one learns in one's middle age.

I was not a target; I was in the way.  The students I mentioned above were targets, but they were no fortunate. Eric Ersery was murdered in 1998 at 79th & Laflin, trying to protect a young girl. Eric's mother had paid the last installment of his tuition that April day.  Eric went to classes and then on to work at Burlington Coat Factory at 81st & Cicero.  When he got off the 79th Street bus, Eric walked over to talk to the girl he knew.  Gangbangers mistook the girl for relative ( CPD Area 2 Detectives later explained) who had run afoul of them and they emerged from the gangway 9's a popping.  Eric covered the girl and his bullet peppered body was found over the girl, who also died.

I don't hate guns.  I don't hate inanimate objects.  I hate the acts of people too stupid and too thuggish to consider the consequences of their wants.

I hate bullying. I hate violence,  I hate stupidity.  Most of the mugs in the photo attached above from my experience with them (Schakowsky, Quigley, Duckworth, Davis) as people who impressed me to be very stupid bullies.  Violent? Beats me.

I do not like meaningless gestures, nicely phrased appeals to our better angels; especially from people who care only their position, power and pleasure - preachers, pundits and politicians, for example.

Aside from Robin Kelly (whom I have never met) , the people of the Illinois Congressional Delegation are some of the most obnoxious, smarmy, dim-witted, opportunistic and puffed up bullies, it has been my sad experience to suffocate some of my time earth in their company.

To say that this group of self-serving snobs and simpering bootlickers is in any way shape or fashion sincere, beggars logic and sentiment.

Their rumps kissing the floor of the Nation's Capitol insult the victims of thuggery world wide.

Guns do not kill people and more than pencils fail exams.

People who pretend otherwise are sitting on the floors of Congress.

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