Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Inquiry - Conclude and Gather The Facts in Favor of An American Gestapo

The Laquan McDonald Shooting is a convenient step to a much larger goal - the establishment of Federal Police everywhere in America.

Black Lives Matter only until this goal is achieved.

  • Henry Louis Gates
  • Ferguson, MO
  • Baltimore,
  • Cincinnati
  • Chicago

All steps up the National Police ladder of inquiry.

Marches and Scream Fests on Race will continue until this goal is achieved - an American Gestapo.

Cops, no matter how many cameras affixed with Dolby sound included, will still be cops, until the goal of a National Supreme Policing Force is achieved.

While Rahm Emanuel attempted to sweep the McDonald shooting under any rug and damn the costs, because he was facing re-election, Jamie Kalevn found a friendly judge who offered up Criminal Complaints ( CRs) against any and all members of the Chicago Police Department.

CRs are 'beefs' - Police are required to interface with criminals and people who do not follow the rules most people take as a matter of course in daily life.  Such individuals as the former return the obligatory Q & A by filing a 'police complaint.'

Jamie Kalven, a millionaire real estate mogul, investor and Marxist from Chicago's Hyde Park is celebrated Progressive icon with decades of community activism to his record.  He now heads the Invisible Institute.

Young independent journalist Brandon Smith dovetailed to Kalven successful jude shopping, as would Chicago's utility self-promoting news harridan Carol Marin, and notes " But I'm not taking no for an answer—particularly in light of Kalven v. Chicago, an Illinois Appellate Court decision last March that established information about police misconduct is public, except in limited circumstances that don't apply in the case of the McDonald shooting video.

That case was brought by Chicago civil rights journalist Jamie Kalven. After he prevailed, he and his lawyers helped the city craft a more thorough transparency policy in accordance with the court's decision. Apparently the Chicago Police Department believes the Kalven ruling doesn't apply in the case of the shooting of Laquan McDonald.  I'd like to hear what the courts think."

Brandon, you would not like to hear what I think, because I believe that Truth is shared, not co-opted.

I believe that the shooter of Laquan McDonald is an idiotic monster, from what I witnessed on the video who betrayed all of his law enforcement sister and brothers. I do not believe, nor think as you say, that he is in any way a symptom of any problem with policing - local, state or federal.

He belongs to some political creature in Chicago, or Cook County, or the State of Illinois.  Someone in the food chain is what Chicagoan's call 'his Chinaman.'  He's got sponsor somewhere.

He is a wrong guy.

He should not be, be you will help make him be a rung on the ladder to an Amnerican Gestapo.

You have a great deal of fellows in satisfying, as John Dewey used the term, path to Inquiry. God help us.

A national police force is a huge topic on all of cable news outlets and in the WIFI friendly coffeeshops of America.  An American Gestapo.

Americans want that.  Americans need that.  You see, inquiry has determined things so long ago . . .long before Burge, long before Laquan McDonald and Americans by and large accept every dust ball of incident, word, thought and nod that rolls out in news print, pours from the maw of Carol Marin, or gets ruled accommodating judges.

Listen.  Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith went to a notoriously ant-cop law firm - Loevy and Loevy which has its roots in the Marxist American labor movement of the last century.  Jon Loevy is the son of Arthur Loevy who attempted to move 'police labor' to the far left during the later part of the 20th Century.  His son honed his sights on 'systemic police racism and brutality' and made millions from gutless local and State settlements, as well as active participation in the now discredited, but still much loved Wrongful Conviction Industry.

Police misconduct is no longer policed by the police, but by task forces, panels and left-friendly columnists.

Chicago is a thug comfort zone.  Police are universally targeted and vilified.

Inquiry - drawing a conclusion and making anything fit that conclusion is American thought.

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