Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Frumious Bandersnatch Lands in Paris

A Bandersnatch swiftly drew nigh
And grabbed at the Banker, who shrieked in despair,
 For he knew it was useless to fly.
He offered large discount—he offered a check
 (Drawn "to bearer") for seven-pounds-ten:
But the Bandersnatch merely extended its neck
And grabbed at the Banker again.
Without rest or pause—while those frumious jaws
Went savagely snapping around—

Last night our Lewis Carroll world ended for scores of young people in Paris.  Islamist terrorists slaughtered Parisians, only hours after devasting the Paris of Middle East, Beirut.

In a district of Paris not unlike Chicago's Wicker Park, or Lakeview, outdoor cafes and concert venues were targeted by the people of blood who worship the Black Flag.

I know many Muslims and they worship God - the same God to whom I ask forgiveness for my selfishness, thoughtlessness and weakness.

The fact of the matter the people of blood are not Lutherans, Catholics, Coptics, Hussites, or Amish people and sure as hell are not Jews.

The people of blood are Islamists. Muslims in the same manner that Himmler was a baptized Catholic. They are Marxist Liberation Theology savages aided, abtted, encouraged and defended by Western intellectuals.

The blood in Paris has not yet dried and my own is boiling on a slow simmer waiting for our Lewis Carroll intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and Barack Obama to parse out this latest  Hunting of the Snark episode.

I taught Lewis Carroll to my high school students, when it was called 'nonsense verse.'

Well, our academic frauds in what used to be called American universities in what used to be called Western Civilization and tony magazines ( Atlantic, New Republic, The Nation & etc.) that bowdlerize the 'thoughts' of popular Hegelian totalitarian semiotics mouthed by tweedy creeps like Chomsky, have perfected an intellectual climate in the world that is most welcoming to the people of blood.

Here in Chicago , the same stripe of intellectuals, spawned out of Neo- Hegelian nests like University of Chicago and Northwestern University,  dominate Cook County politics, the media and what is laughingly called 'The Conversation.'  They created Chicago's Thug Comfort Zones, parsed away as 'gun violence' and now called ChiRaq.  Memes are screamed and accepted as truth and logic - systemic racist police torture and wrongful du jour and de jure and that is reason nine year olds are assassinated and three year olds slaughtered in Chicago - because the people of blood are allowed, encouraged and defended to do so.

Britain, France, the United States, Germany, Australia and now Canada are all led by Chief Executives drawn directly from the verses of Lewis Carroll.

Nine idiots (Western Powers) behind leadership of The Bellman went hunting for the "Snark."  The Snark was known by so many names and always misidentified by the hunters.

Barack Obama reminds me most of the Banker, who tries to buy off the terrorizing monsters and goes totally out of his mind. John Kerry? The Bellman.

God help  us.

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