Friday, December 11, 2015

Why Do ISIS Terrorists Hate Us? Watch Windy City Live, The Chew and or Anthing Produced by The New Disney!

This week I have spent a great deal of time in doctors offices, Emergency Rooms and pharmacies. Those visits require patience for patients and their drivers.  Patience is a time tempered virtue. Ergo, my patience was tested . . .sorely tested.

My patience was not tested by the constraints of medical priorities, nor the unhappy people afflicted with physical burdens, pain and uncertainty.  It was tested by the universal application of ABC/DISNEY channels pumped out of the cables and flat screens in offices of urologists, internal medicos, ERs, pharmacies and even a bakery.

I have watched more Windy City Live, and The Chew,  than human being can tolerate.

The shows are

  • Loud -even with the sound off
  • Lack any and All Dignity
  • Lack Content but Themes aplenty
  • Peopled by persons the CTA Redline would ban
  • Insulting Universal with More Applause Barrages by Hooting Cretins (Hell bent on getting free stuff) than  offered to Joe Stalin, when he was purging like a Vogue model
  • Vile and Make one feel the need to shower for several hours

The US Army psych-ops units could have gotten Noriega to become a Trappist.

e.g. - <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

My deepest concern is the fact that these shows are actually watched by people who pick up a handy remote and adjust their settings to ABC 7 in Chicago and or its many national affiliates with the threat of torture.

If want to know why many people voted for Barack Obama (twice), love and admire Donald Trump, consider the greatest intellectual jurist in American history to be a racist, or ISIS just happened, watch ABC daytime programming.

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