Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Poor Words on Fallen Fireman in Full Ascent

I don't believe for a minute; no, not a  bit of it,
That a  Shaft presumes a full stop,
 Like a period at the end of some line.

At my desk, safe and snug in doors,
With Leo's clacking of boiler just below me
I read of the Fall of a neighbor of mine.

An east side fire on Baltimore Ave. and a Dad,
A husband, a Halligan-fisted friend in full drop
Down an unguarded shaft to a stop malign.

I'm not buying, not for one minute; no, not a bit of it.
Christ ER had a go at denying gravity's plea
For one more ascent to Christ's arms Icarus enshrine.

There was no Fall. This was ascent.
The shaft is on on us, expecting full stop.
A fireman was winged high; not as we opine.

Words fail me, you see I am limited and
Limiting runs us off the secured . . .unguarded
Smoke befogged level line

Not our Call; not our Bell; not our say so,
But His who draws up and in the True.
I do what what I can here - Dan is fine.

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