Thursday, October 15, 2015

Truth is as Dead as God ( BTW - HE Ain't) in American Education and the Politics It Serves

The weakness of the philosophy originally advanced to justify the democratic movement was that it took individuality to be something given ready-made, that is, in abstraction from time, instead of as a power to develop. John Dewey

The contingency of all into which time enters is the source of pathos, comedy, and tragedy. John Dewey

John Dewey was a social engineer with powerful friends like John D. Rockefeller - a 1%er who was told by one of his snitches, or close advisers to give away $1 of every $10 he exploited from God's earth and the workers who toiled to extract, process, ship and sell to education, so that he could keep the remaining $9 without the screams and wailing of the likes of Jane Addams and other sapphic women with way too much time on their hands and the long-haired writers who penned muckraking screeds at their commands.

It worked!  John D. built University of Chicago and Columbia University School of Education to grant PhDs to Dewey and Hegel disciples universal and packed billions of spondulix into his purse.

John Dewey was no more a teacher than Obama's gift from 1%-er John Rogers and Secretary of Education and former Chicago Public Schools layabout, Arne Duncan - who wants, now, to be Governor of Illinois.  Hell, he'll win in a landslide.

John Dewey is to truth, as Mrs. O':Leary's cow' s hoof was to Chicago on hot, dry and windy day in Old Chicago.

The majority of folks believed that Kate O'Leary's bossy kicked over the lantern on her barn on Kinzie Avenue and caused the Great Chicago Fire. That is an example of John Dewey Education.  Kate was absolved by a vote in the Chicago City Council. in 1997. That's nice.

Truth, however, is not the possession of the majority, unless you really bought into John Dewey.

You see John Dewey claims that 'inquiry' is the substitute for truth.  It is play. It is a rigged game. Draw a conclusion and convince everyone, or nearly everyone, to cooperate with you and you win.

That, boys and girls, is why our public and even a growing number of private and Catholic schools are producing dummies.  By dummies, I mean those dolls that used be be entertaining, but are now considered creepy, through which a person other than the dummy speaks.  Kids are not allowed to be, much less think for themselves in American Cooperative Education.  Zero Policies and Group Think ( inquiry) trumps truth.

Name an absurdity in our time -

  • Barack Obama's Presidency
  • Black Lives Matter
  • No Score Youth Sports
  • Grade Inflation
  • No F's
  • Ritalin
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Diversity Mandates
  • The Wrongful Conviction Industry
  • The DNC
  • Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois
  • Universal Trophies and Awards
  • American Public Education
  • American Public Radio and Television
  • Howard Zinn
  • Kaitlyn Jenner, American Hero
-and you have the collective wisdom of John Dewey.

Truth is shared, observable and most times it is eternal.  One of the greatest defenders of truth and even religion was an aristocratic agnostic mathematician/philosopher Bertrand Russell.  How's that for some irony?

Russell said this on John Dewey and his vandalism of education and democracy - 

The error of democracy lies in regarding all claims to superiority as just grounds for the resentment of the herd. In the modern world, much work which is necessary to the community requires more ability than most men posses sand there must be ways of selecting exceptional men to do this work. In general, if they are to be as well qualified as possible, it is desirable to select them while they are still young - say twelve years old - and to allow them to make more rapid progress than is possible to a class of average boys or girls. The feeling that it is undemocratic to single out the best pupil is one which leads to a great waste of good material 
Excellence, courage and faith are forbidden in John Dewey's Progressive and Secular Public Schools.  Truth is murdered for the sake of cooperation.

 Americans need to be a bit more more disruptive in John Dewey's schools.

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