Thursday, October 29, 2015

Moms, Bundle Up Those Little Guys

Today is one windy and cold twenty four!  Even my old chill friendly pelt feel the sting of winter's slap on this October 29th of the year of Our Lord 2015. At Leo High School, Sangamon Street seems to act as a concrete HVAC -winds blow particularly strong south to north and getting the damn door to open with my key (attached to my identity lanyard and a stout pound or so duplicate and out-of-date keys to whatever) was daunting task.

I almost, almost mind you,  turned on the boilers at 4:30AM.  Nah, these brawny stalwarts can take it and it will be warmer by class time.

Out in the neighborhoods, Moms, or widowed Dads like your humble correspondent. should start boiling the water for oatmeal and hitting the cedar chest of winter togs.

One of my favorite parenting obligations was getting the bairns bundled wrapped and hatted to meet the challenges of Chicago's Hawk.

" You're gonna be warm . . .too bad about you. Now, get!"

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