Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Silent Screams at Woody Allen Movies

Woody Allen made one great movie "Take the Money and Run" - 1969 - it was and remains brilliant.

I am a heterosexual male; as such, I was forced by social convention to sit through a thick part of the Woody Allen canon.

Remember, this is me talking.

I would rather endure a nice periodontal marathon at the hands of a lesbian with the shakes and breath like Gary, Indiana in the 1960's

The world thinks that Woody Allen is a genius and that Barack Obama is a great President.

Me? Not so much.

Woody Allen's korpo de laboro irritates me, but Not anywhere near as much as the ubiquitous immediate question asked by every woman ( lover, wife, companion, obligatoy 'take her out, Hickey') who dragged me silently screaming to Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters, Manhattan, & etc. ad finitum, " That was brilliant! Don't You Think?"

I am as yellow as a duck's foot and my reply was usually a nod, or an Uh-Huh.

The nebbish keeps making them movies, but I'll have no more!

I will scream, "No" in thunder!  I am almost Sixty Four Years of Age for Chrissakes!

I must change, or risk bursting my aged tripes in frustrated anger!  Not to mention the abject @#$%ing boredom. 

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