Tuesday, October 27, 2015

President Obama Brings it Home to Insult Cops and Do the Work of Gamaliel

President Obama detests cops almost as much he does the military.  It is part of his political and maybe even helix-ed to his physical DNA.

He spent his post college days here in Chicago insinuating himself into the political melange of  The Windy City's Progressive-wing of the Devolving Democratic Party that had already been moving from meat and potatoes goulash to its current Vegan Curry.  The hearty stew of sensible legislation and ordinances that kept nickels in pockets and compounded interest daily for the middle class that had once whetted the appetites of working women and men became a global directed spice rack of tax-funded exotic policy mandates that to this day makes life miserable for all people, as well as pits neighbor against neighbor.   Obama honed his spice knives with the Gamaliel Foundation which schooled him on methods to do just that -
 Gamaliel of Metro Chicago (GMC) is regional member of the Gamaliel Network. GMC’s mission is to develop new community leaders through building networks of “core teams” and alliances with other community groups to build an organization capable of responding to issues of education funding reform, economic development, civil rights of immigrants, universal healthcare, older adult economic and social well being, and workforce development. The Gamaliel Network is made up of affiliates in 18 states, South Africa and Great Britain. President Barack Obama was a community organizer with Gamaliel in the 1980’s.

This is a very secularized quasi-religious ( they take money from Catholics) group of radicals who have perched themselves above the people they claim to 'want to help' and attract some of daffiest do-gooder-wannabe's it has been my personal and professional waste-of-time bed-of-nails  in my three score and change time on the terra.  This group counts on goofs and creeps. Goofs are individuals with a limited experience in getting along with people, a very stunted sense of literary discernment, but a great capacity for telling people how morally repugnant they happen to be, if they disagree with Gamaliel's dictum of what exactly God's Commonwealth happens to be.  Creeps are career takers.

Gameliel attracts goofs to do the nuts and bolts stuff and creeps to take credit for the work the goofs have done.  Barack H. Obama took an incredible amount of credit. Via Gamaliel, young Barack Obama learned the pathways tp God's (or something omnipotent - government) Commonwealth.

The four pathway's to God's Commonwealth

  • Create Structural Racial Equality. ( Racial Quotas) 
  • Build Peoples Control of Government ( No Fault Voter Registration)
  • Build Community Control of the Economy - (Occupy/Minimum Wage)
  • Expand the Public Sphere ( Black Lives Matter)
Cops and the military preserve, protect and defend the races, the government, the economy and the public within the frame work of the United States Constitution which is not a global frame work and it must go.

Today, Barack Obama comes home to Chicago a.k.a Chiraq - a place he more than helped develop.

He will address Police Chiefs - most of whom were nominated, appointed, or selected by local governments. His message to them is to think globally.  Think exactly the way Barack H. Obama, a Gamaliel disciple, thinks.

  • Force more gun laws
  • Don't arrest approved minorities
  • Don't Make Him Tell You Again
More importantly, President Obama will do some fundraising.

The speech is part of Obama's cross-country travel to meet with people working to fix the criminal justice system, from law enforcement officials endeavoring to lower crime and incarceration rates to former prisoners "earning their second chance," the official added.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch is scheduled to address the conference earlier in the day.
While in Chicago, Obama is to attend a fundraising dinner being hosted by Robbie Robinson, managing director of BDT & Co., and his wife, D'Rita, founder and CEO of Chatty Guest.
Co-hosts are being asked to contribute $33,400 and guests, $10,000, according to an invitation.
The first $2,500 of each contribution will go to Obama for America — the president's principal campaign committee — for 2012 general election debt retirement. Any contributions above $2,500 go to the Democratic National Committee.

President Obama is a creep and a Gamaliel disciple.  What are we?

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