Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sun Times NewsPro Natasha Korecki Covers Burge Trial as it Should - Facts, Nothing But the Facts

The Chicago Sun Times has the best reporters and worst columnists in Chicago.

Mark Konkol, Tim Novak, Chris Fusco and sometimes Abdon Pallasch are strong and honest. My favorite read is Natasha Korecki she slides a sentence with the grace of sportswriter Dan McGrath and avoids the posing and posturing of the would be Menckens and Divas.

Paddy Fitz the Fed needs Media Points after his Blago Blunders and here he is playing to his orchestra. The Burge Trial will be a Circus and the Feds will play to the folks who only read what Carol Marin, Mark Brown, Mary Mitchell, and the Sun Times' weak-ass editorial board writes. The Sun Times has talent like Ms. Korecki who will report and not fabricate. BTW- The Sun Times Editorial Board is 10X better than the Chicago Tribune's.

Jon Burge has been convicted by the media and the media never checks its own sources - they are in agreement with all the nonsense that the Burge Industry ( Peoples Law Office, Mr. & Mrs. Ayres-Dohrn, Northwestern Law, CPUSA) have provided the lazy and the wildly ambitious columnists.

Thank you Natasha Korecki! This is a good read and a fine report.

Dressed in a black suit, tie, and blue shirt, former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge on Thursday spun around in his chair and seemed to struggle a bit as he stood up.

"Morning, ladies and gentlemen," said the man who for decades has been accused of torturing murder suspects.

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Former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge as he leaves the Federal building for a lunch break Thursday.
( Brian Jackson/Sun-Times)

Burge was briefly inside a courtroom addressing the potential jurors who will judge his fate in his trial that starts later this month on obstruction of justice and perjury charges. A pool of jurors were summoned today to fill out a questionnaire but jury selection in the case doesn't begin until May 24. After court, a slow-moving Burge, who lives in Tampa, Fla., said he felt "terrible," physically and that it was "not unusual," to be back in Chicago.

Nearly 80 potential jurors were handed questionnaires in preparation for the upcoming selection.

U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow told the ethnically and racially diverse panel not to read or listen to any media coverage of the case.

While Burge and his underlings have long been accused of torturing suspects into giving confessions, he is not on trial for those actual acts. Burge is accused of lying on a sworn questionnaire that probed him of the alleged practices.


Tamara N. Holder said...

Oh Pat, you know I love you. Long gone are the days of our bitter debates! BUT, come on! Jon Burge is a monster. He hasn't JUST been convicted in the media. If I recall, the city paid around $20 milly for a few Burge victims. (Including Aaron Patterson who I represented to ge that City payout!) If Burge was so innocent, surely Daley and Co. wouldn't have paid the dough. Burge is a sick, sick man. He will meet his maker one day so I'm not one to judge...

pathickey said...

You are Aces with me Kid!

From what I know and it is only from all that I have read - the ever changing narratives in the newspapers; the polemics wrritten by McArthur Center/Bluhm & etc./ the popular left/ and the Coalitions Aplenty ( Wrongful Deaths signed off it the Mumia Crowd & etc.)

I know this - Fahey and O'Brien were tortured and murdered.

G. Flint Taylor and others have made millions and will contnue to do so.

Writers get checks.

Burge is still out.

The Electric Shock Box does not exist - except G. Flint's Home-Made Model.

There is not Steam Pipe heater in Area 2.

The Boy Scout Witness that G. Flint trotted out seems to be either an arsonist in Ottawa, Il or disappeared altogether.

Our News Media play the same song.

I have heard 2nd hand that Burge is no John Gielgud, but then who is? He is only the monster that the crowd wants.

Let's Beer up, Child!

pathickey said...

"If I recall, the city paid around $20 milly for a few Burge victims. (Including Aaron Patterson who I represented to ge that City payout!) If Burge was so innocent, surely Daley and Co. wouldn't have paid the dough. .."

True and Foolish - never feed a varmint - they keep coming back for more.

I can not wait to see whom G. Flint will fight for nickels on the pavement!

Like I said, Burge is and very well may remain out of the joint.

These Commie creeps and the media mopes have made a cottage industry for themselves and undermined any and all confidence in Law Enforcement.

Daley should never have dropped a nickel to these lice. Nor, turned his back on these officers. If they had tortured, I believe that they'd have already died in prison.

Jim Bowman said...

First, am w/Pat 100% on Sun-Times split personality: reporters and news eds. are not columnists and ed. writers. I start my day with S-T, then see what Trib has come up with locally . . .

Second, if B has acted in monstrous fashion, we still have the drummers-up of feverish discontent who specialize in cop misconduct and never sleep. Vs. these Pat rails, it seems to me.

Now you two go beer up.

pathickey said...

Immediately, if not sooner, Brother Bowman!

As Addison put it, while kissing up to Marlborough . . .

"Great souls by instinct to each other turn! Demand allegiance and in friendship burn!"

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Pat, as usual, you're onto something. We have greater expectations for cops than we have for our (miserable) selves. They are never supposed to show any human emotions -- always to be in control. If someone spits in their eye, they're supposed to say, "Gee, it must be raining." I agree people should not be executed for crimes they didn't commit. However, convicting people without a confession is sometimes very difficult. Most cops are fine, which doesn't mean any of them (like any of us) are perfect. If we have bad cops at times, well, we have worse people most of the time. Chicago, ya gotta love it.