Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time Magazine's Punk in Chief Rick Stengel -Tells MSNBC Nitwits - Pope a Problem

Yes, he ( Richard Stengel)does wear make-up!

Time magazine’s Richard Stengel reveals the cover of this week's issue and discusses the Pope's role in the Catholic Church. ( Richard Stengel - Time Magazine:

The Pope never has to say sorry . Gee, Richard and who could forget Love Story? Richard Stengel would have said, You're son has polio and walks like a spaz and Richard Stengel would have had his teeth sent down his esophagus - in a better day. Well, he still would in my Close-knit, ethnic (Catholic) neighborhood.

Richard -Why Being a Punk Means You Can Not Understand Why People Will Kick Your Ass.
Click my post title for more - and watch the Morning Joe feed. Mike Barnicle claims that Catholics feel that 'Nuns and Jesuits' are the real Church. MNBC -Costumed Catholics like O'Donnell, Matthews and Barnicle will tell people that the moisture running down their legs is due to their excitment that President Obama is in the White House and that more unborn children will have their skulls caved in as a result. What a trio of pussies - unmatched since Tom and Jerry welcomed Felix!

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John Devens said...

The problem with the Catholic Church is that it is not progressive, as in moving forward spiritually. I will save you the litany of crap I was taught by the Sisters of Mercy during my impressionable years except to say that it included intolerance, prejudice, and voodoo. Progress is based on change. Change comes from intellect and instinct. Intellect and instinct feed on each other to move both forward. This, I believe, is progress. Religion, for the most part, has suppressed both, thus suppressing spiritual progress.
I think it is lovely that the Catholic Church has stopped teaching that people of differing faiths are doomed to hell, that it uses native tongues rather than Latin during its “shows”, and that it allows nuns to be seen in public without a habit (“glory be to God”), but I’m afraid that isn’t cutting it. If and when religions decide to let go of their proverbial (pun intended) security blankets (read: bullshit) man may finally have a chance to progress spiritually. When that time comes hate and intolerance, along with greed, arrogance, war, and yes, even the necessity of abortions, will begin to diminish. Oh by the way, Jesus was a Socialist.
John Devens

pathickey said...

Oh by the way, Jesus was a Socialist.

John, you know better than that - Jesus was Carpenter's Apprentice Local # 777-Nazareth Council - he took a withdrawal card from Local 527 Bethleham.

John Devens said...

You're thinking of his old man, Joseph. Oh that's right, I forgot about the virgin birth thing.John

pathickey said...

His Old Man Joe was one Hellovah Wood Butcher.