Thursday, May 27, 2010

Burge Trial - Tribune Reporter Matthew Walberg Gets The Whole Story -Little Things Mean a Lot

Less my Third makes you a rich man Holmes.

I know that Officers Fahey and O'Brien were tortured and murdered. I know that their murderers were caught and convicted.

Other stuff? Well for decades I have been reading about Millionaire Marxist Lawyer G. Flint Taylor's easy manipulation of the Chicago Media. Since the murders of Fahey and O'Brien serious journalists ( Bill Granger, Ray Coffey, Dennis Byrne, John McHugh, Nick Von Hoffman, Richard Lindberg, Jack Mabley & etc.) who wrote columns died or retired or were forced out by agenda dedicated editors. The new generation of columnists and editorialists are dedicated to the same principles as G. Flint Taylor - make accusations often and loud enough and future generations of less-than-careful readers will swallow anything. That is how Justice Politics is made. Politicians will play ball so long as some level of public opinion seems convenient.


G. Flint Taylor has been to the plate more often than Michael Moore at Olde Country Buffet after Lent and has come up empty.

Facts are troubling things.

Torture? Beats me.

Today the Chicago Tribune Reporter covering the Burge Trial presented a fair and cold presnetation of the trial.

RUMMANA HUSSAIN of the Chicago Sun Times gilded G. Flint's Lillies. The Sun Times should have sent Natasha Korecki.

Here is some of what happened in the Tribune report. Well done, Matthew Walberg!

Suffredin admitted that even though he had just learned of the alleged abuse, he never checked with the medical staff at Cook County Jail to determine whether there was any record of injuries to Holmes when he came into the jail. And he said he and his trial partner never tried to have the confession thrown out on grounds that it was coerced because they believed that the statement was uncorroborated by other evidence and that the law would require the judge to acquit their client.

"You and your partner chose to skip a step with (the judge) to get the statement -- the only evidence against your client -- thrown out?" Beuke asked.

"That's correct," Suffredin said.

Beuke also questioned Suffredin about a key detail of Holmes alleged torture -- that he was suffocated with a small, plastic trash bag.

"Would it surprise you to learn that they (plastic trash bags) weren't introduced to the market until 1977?" he asked.

"I wouldn't know," Suffredin said.

So Mister Holmes was smothered in 1973, by a product not invented until 1977 . . . now that is torturing . . .the Truth and Justice.

Click my post title for the whole unvarnished story.

Here is RUMMANA HUSSAIN work for G. Flint Taylor.,jon-burge-torture-sufferdin-trial-052710.article

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