Friday, May 07, 2010

Beer Here! Beer Here! Boz O'Brien Brings Brew Midway Oasis in Brew Desert

". . .a woman is like beer. They look good, they smell good, and you'd step over your own mother just to get one!" Homer

From Ceapflights via the Dethronner comes this tribute to an American Hero - James "Boz" O'Brien

This gentleman scholar-athlete opened Reilly's Daughter Pub in 1975 ( full disclosure: I was one of the original bartenders, while teaching at Bishop Mac) and moved the pub from 111th Street to Midway Airport.

Boz featured Imported and Hand-crafted brews when most Chicagoans thought Andecker was an Import. I was a dedicated Drewry's man myself - loved the Mountie!

– With a name like Boz O’Brein you know the guy has got to run a bar. And he does. It’s in the postsecurityfood court at Chicago Midway (MDW) and it’s called Reilly’sDaughter. The first thing you’ll want to
know about this cozy enclave is thatthe bar, and all its furniture, was
crafted in Ireland. The second thing you’ll want to know is that much of
the beer is Irish – Guinness, Harp,and Smithwick’s – and all on-tap.
When O’Brien first opened the place,“I didn’t think people would be interested
in Irish beer,” he said. So, O’Brien stocked up on mass-produced American brands. He was wrong.

Guinness is his best seller. Now, the brew matches the ambience. If you’re stuck at Midway waiting for an airplane, this is where you’ll want to be.
– Go goose hunting at Chicago O’Hare (ORD) The Goose Island Beer
Company recently set up
shop in Terminal 1, Concourse C between Gates 8
and 10. The Goose Island enclave is a contemporary
brasserie affair. Lots of ambience –lots of good beer.
Try Honker Ale – blessed with a spicy hop aroma

Well Done Boz!

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BillyFish said...

God forbid I ever have to go back to Il. I'll check it out if I do. I'll have to warn you. I just came off a tour of the greatest pubs in the Western U.S. Hensley's Flying Elephant, Molly Malones,and McMullan's in Vegas. O'Mally's in Shanghai for my 40th birthday. Stiff competition for a Pub at Midway.
What is with you guys keeping "The Pride Of The South Side " a secret? I have to bring the Greenland Whalefishers all the way from Norway,to find out about The Tossers!