Monday, May 03, 2010

Please Sign Petition to Keep a Cop Killer in Prison

On May 11, 2010, Theodore Bacino is scheduled for his annual parole hearing in Dixon, Illinois, which of us from the Command Staff will be attending to speak against. Bacino is serving a 75-100 year sentence for the on duty murder of Detective Mike Mayborne on March 15, 1974. Mike’s family has created a very impressive web-site, as part of a memorial to him, which I would encourage you to visit.

You will notice that there is an area for the on-line petition, protesting the parole for Bacino. The on-line petition also has a box to check to ask for the 3 year set.

As it currently stands, the family has to go through this petition process and attend the parole hearing to appeal parole every year. Just a couple of years ago in 2007, the parole board was within one vote (7-6) of granting parole. Last year, he only received one vote in favor of parole (10-1), so it is important that those who believe Bacino should be denied parole speak out. Hopefully, this year Bacino will again be denied parole, and the 3 year set will be granted to give Terry, Jennifer, and Kimberly (along with the rest of Mike’s family) an opportunity to have a break from this annual emotional visit back to the worst time in their lives.

Please share this with others within your circle of contacts who might support this effort. Thank you for taking the time to consider this important issue.

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