Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Carol Marin - Send a Mess-enger to be Campaign Manager of Forrest Claypool?

Yesterday, Eric Zorn Chicago Tribune's Voice of the Tofu and Whey Political Progressives demanded that we Lower the Bar - void the petitions ( or allow Millions to Pay-to-Play)for Independents, Bullmooses, and Loyal Order of Racoon Candidates in Illinois. I blog a few giggles Eric Zorn's way and noted that his cover on this issue is all for Forrest Claypool against Joe Berrios. I also mentioned that, in no time at all, Carol Marin would gin-up a collage for Claypool!

Voila! Here 'Tis -

What does matter, way down the ballot, is who is Cook County assessor.

Until a few weeks ago, Joe Berrios was considered the odds-on favorite.

Berrios is the chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party and Madigan's political pal. A guy with a lot of sympathy for Madigan's law firm clients in search of property tax reductions.

With nominal Republican opposition, Berrios was coasting, until another -- and proven -- independent, retiring County Commissioner Forrest Claypool, announced an independent run.

If voters want to send a message to Madigan and Springfield, this is the race in which to do it.

The Corporate Media ( editorial boards and iconic columnists) gave us our political landscape - Fight the Power of the Machine; Scoop Taxes to Every Bug-eyed Mob of T-Shirted Shouters; however, they blame the 'stupid voters' for Todd Stroger and Scott Lee, when they themselves are the puffed-up watchdogs of the life political. Our gutless, or just dumb as dirt elected officials play ball these Blue Light Beauties.

I get my politics from people who have slowly and carefully 'put skin in the game.' Politics is an Art. Sometimes the Artist does not tell all about his craft -that makes it art. Carol, Eric and Mark Brown do not like Rembrandt Mike Madigan or any skilled elected official. They like street mimes like Forrest Claypool, Shelia Simon and Chris Kennedy. They are cute.

Carol Marin smiles at these same people all the time. That should give anyone with a lick of sense a very long pause.

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