Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicago Catholic School Test Scores Soar - No Chicago Newspapers Carry the News?

Yesterday, on the way home from Leo High School at about 4:20 P.M. I heard Chicago Catholic School Superintendent Mary Paul McCaughey announce that Chicago Catholic Schools ( elementary and secondary) posted their best standardized test scores in years. That was on WIND. I like Michael Medved.

Sister Mary Paul credited good parents, good teachers and solid no-nonsense curriculum in a values-based setting as reason for the success.

I turned to the Chicago Newspapers on-line at 4:00 AM and found . . .Zip, Nada, and Zilch. Try and Google something. The editorial boards do not want their agenda (Progressive/Tax Funded Special Interests/LGBT/Secularist) countered in hard copy.

Every scrap of bad news and any rumor of possible allegations of imagined bad news about Catholic schools, Catholic priests, Catholic beliefs get front page howler monkey fanfare from Chicago's editorial boards and iconic self-promoting columnists.

A poor delusional woman who believed herself to be an ordained priest ( there are no ordained Catholic Women Priests) was denied Catholic burial and the Tribune is still running her death notice - or at least it was still running yesterday ("Ordained against all odds" - nope still there) -in the attempt to make the Catholic Church appear at fault, when in fact the poor woman had self-excommunicated. Manya Brachear, the loopy religion Blogger/Columnists who invites every shaman and witchdoctor to pontificate on matters contrary to Catholic Doctrine, will no doubt have a hugely dismissive piece on Catholics and their mean spirited Faith.

Chicago Tribune -Ordained against all odds The Poor woman* is not and was not ordained! What a bunch of smug, self-righteous dip-sticks comprise the Tribune Editorial Board!

Chicago News Media is the captive of Progressive Agenda.

Only weeks ago, the Chicago and Illinois teachers unions succeeded in making Republican State Legislators go as yellow as a duck's foot and vote down Senator James Meeks' legislation that would offer inner city parents vouchers to attend inner city private ( read Catholic) schools. School Reform is lip-service. Columnists and editorial boards are controlled by the special interests with only the Progressive Secularist Agenda's hand on the joy-stick.

Catholic Schools save Illinois taxpayers millions of dollars and succeed in providing the education that the news media shoots its collective mouth off about every time a CPS kid is gunned down by a savage, or every time CPS test scores cork-screw lower in the achievement loam.

The News Media is a captive of special political interests.

*The excommunicated woman who imagined herself to be an ordained priest had a partner. The obituary caused a bit of talk among lawyers ( I had occasion to speak with several in my neighborhood). They believe that the "Nancy Katz" listed in the column as the next of kin or whatever the hell they want to be is actually the lesbian activist judge appointed to the Circuit Court of Cook County. Why would gay activist, or an editorial seek to advance its agenda with smear at the Catholic Church? Practice.


fatherbobbehnke said...

I heard the story late Saturday night on wbbm radio, but I cannot find it on their website. Typical. Unless "Catholic" and "abuse" are in the same sentence, the news is not found to be "newsworthy."

Anonymous said...

maybe if the schools were listed individually and we could see how the ignatius and old st. pat lift of the scores of school like clotilde, etc.

jeni white said...

Sister Mary was one of the best teachers I had @ NDA in the 80's!
Love to see her face!