Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All Carol Marin Needs to Know About "Fair"- Camera One, Carol!

Fair is fair. I don't think government prosecutors are being fair to Rod Blagojevich.. . .No surprise there.But it still doesn't feel fair.
In between there are a couple of hundred words or so that say not much.

C. Marin - See Marin on WTTW and NBC 5.

Carol Marin helped ruin the lives of Chris and Mary Fogarty. Once it seemed clear that George Ryan was going to be hammered by hack Judge Pallmeyer, Carol decided to mock Lura Lynn Ryan. Carol Marin worries about fair.

Fair enough! Tutorial time: Carol, Rod Blagojevich will not spend a day in jail. That might not be fair, but you will be cool with it. Actually, Carol Marin wouldn't know "fair" if it jumped up and bit her on the ass.

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