Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy FeastDay Neighbors at St. Walter's and the Great Clark Woodard!

Clark Woodard with his GrandMa and Mom.

My neighbors in the parish south of St. Cajetan's celebrate the Feast of St. Walter today.

What better way to celebrate the Sainted Walter than by linking a tale of a son of St. Walter -young Clark Woodard. I got this wonderful story in the pages of the Villager - a feature of the Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA)

Generous St. Walter Student Also a Hard Worker!

St. Walter School 3rd grader Clark Woodard is quite an entrepreneur. When It was announced in church that funding was to end for the sign language interpreter during weekend Masses, Woodard decided to raise some funds.

Over the summer, the boy started his own dog-walking business, Clark Cares –which he even trademarked! A successful young business person, he earned almost $1,000 and decided to split it three ways: 34% to his college savings fund, 33% to an animal shelter, and 44% to St. Walter Church.

When he presented the donation the pastor asked why he made such a generous contribution. “I wanted to help the hearing impaired and it’s good to give back to the church,” was the boy’s reply. St. Walter School is located at 11741 S. Western Ave. for more information call 774-445-8850.

St. Walter would agree Clark.

Augustinian abbot of L'Esterp in the region of Limousin, France. He was born to a noble family in Conflans Castle in Aquitaine, and studied under the Augustinians at Dorat, where he entered a monastery. Then when he returned to Conflans Castle, he was elected the abbot of L'Esterp. He held the post for thirty-eight years and was famed as a confessor.

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