Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Eric Zorn and Mark Brown Parse for Scott Lee Cohen and Progressives Everywhere!

If you get passionate by what a columnist writes, seek a mental health professional!

Some commenters have remarked that I seem "Bitter, Angry and Nasty! or wildly partisan. Nah, I'm cool. It's a stone groove here among my hard-working and thoughtful neighbors. No one talks policy (Tax, Law, & etc) but standard common sense English. The 19th Ward air is as sweet as a chocolate dipped Holloway Slo-Poke carmel sucker!

However, I get giggley-amused when I read our iconic Chicago columnists!

Scott Lee Cohen wanted to be our Lieutenant Governor and Mark Brown had the goods on him . . .but determined 'No Big Deal.'

So, Scott Lee Cohen who operates a couple of wildly successful pawn shops, dead-beat Dad-ed for a number of years, tuned-up a hooker, dropped out of the Democratic Campaign after counselling with real elected officials, went on WLS Radio and saw the window of opportunity crack open a bit, announced that he will run for Governor of Illinois as an Independent.

An Independent is a person who can not get three people to vote for her/him, but has the ear of our corporate media columnists like Chicago Sun Times' Mark Brown and Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn . Carol Marin must be ginning up a swell feature for WTTW, as we opine.

Eric Zorn immediately parsed Mark Brown's pontifical dismissal of "The Scott Lee Cohen Saga." It's all good, Dude! No Media fault here, there, or anywhere!

Today EZ parses more peculiar Progressive Petunias:

One way to open up the process is to convert to a ballot-access fee system as used in primaries in two-thirds of the states, according to Winger's data.

In Florida, for example, if you've been following the wild politics down there, Republican Gov. Charlie Crist will simply pay a $10,440 filing fee to run as an independent in November against presumptive Republican primary winner Marco Rubio and Democrat Kendrick Meek.

No tedious and costly door-to-door solicitations followed by an even more tedious, costly and often outrageous petition challenge.

Does this clog the ballot with wealthy, vain and/or kooky candidates? Does it merely confuse voters? It hasn't really been a problem, said Tobin said.

And as for the argument that filing-fee systems discourage low-income candidates, well, perhaps. But no more than the costs of running petition drives, hiring election lawyers or running a successful campaign discourages low-income candidates.

If Scott Lee Cohen wants to spend his time and money putting his record and his plans in front of the voters, let him, I say.

And for those cowards who will try to thwart Cohen and Claypool by challenging their petitions? They're just pitiful.

Oh, Let's do lower the bar! Ballot access! This is another Progressive 'Change the Rule Because I Can Not Get Signatures' gambit.

These goofs and pinheads demand that Machines (effective politics at the precinct and Ward level)get taken apart and then demand grease for some boob who could not otherwise attract a rally in a phone booth.

The fact remains - Progressives ( Rahm, Forrest?, Quigley, Schakowsky) depend upon that mean-old machine with all of its gears bells and whistles. Until, the time that no one cares to give them their time and talents to amass the signatures.

Yeah, lower the bar and give some more 40 Watt gushers a chance to 'make a difference' on MSNBC and generally louse up the economy and public safety even more.

Politics is an art and not finger painting -unless you happen to be Jan Schakowsky, Mike Quigley, or Forrest Claypool.

These Policy Playdough Artists only get into politics through some quid pro quo or timely appointment. They are panjandrums, like Shelia Simon and Chris Kennedy. No one at the Ward level gives a fat rat's ass what they think or hold dear, because helots know that these beauts would never raise a finger - well maybe a finger -let alone the receiver of a telephone on their behalf.

Most Progressives that I know would not give a penny to starving blind girl with rickets. I am a devout empiricists.

Scott Lee Cohen can pay for petitions with the lunch change in his jeans. He is still a Jewish Lad with a Redneck Name and much redemption to mill.

As to the Progressive Policy Priesthood? It is still given far too much serious attention by reall effective elected officials. Time for real statesmen to ridicule the dopes in public life and chase them back to the Salon.

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