Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Viva Puebla! Viva Juarez! God Bless America!

I am for immigration amnesty. Many of my family were Irish wetbacks, or two boaters -one to Canada and one across the St. Lawrence River. We ( Hickey/Sullivan)have only been here since the late 19 Teens. My mom's family were Back of the Yards Irish - 'Who the hell knows when they got here?'

I watch immigrants every morning at Kean - Mexican, Irish, Polish mostly. Hard working and proud young people and whether they have cards, or papers or not; Who Shives a Git? As far as I am concerned, they are Americans. I get a coffee refill at the 7-11 on Kedzie after I dump the girls off at Mother McAuley and every morning the parking lot looks like the Gdansk Shipyard and huge tough looking Polish kids, maybe a few semsters out of the Polish Army crowd around their trucks getting ready for a huge day of backbreaking work. I have never seen an immigrant kid leaning on a broom, shovel, or his foreman - I have witnessed American born slackers describe jobs that they would never be caught doing. Too proud to work? America?

The Arizona Law seems tailor made for Arizona. I do not get my righteous panties in a twist over a law that almost exactly mirrors the U.S. Code on Immigration. The media is making the issue uglier than it is and race baiters and phonies are getting their games on. Calm down. Illegal immigrantion can only be arrested by sealing the border and offering a genuine, serious and cold-blooded Amnesty to good people. That means giving up the thieves, murderers, drug merchants, gang-bangers and deadbeats. Toss them - out of immigrant communities and this great and generous country. Immigrants become Americans - learn English. Respect its customs and traditions. Stay away from Commies and their stooges. They blew immigration reform for good people two years ago. If you here some pasty skinned, pencil-neck geek shout about 'Workers and Students!' ask you his Union Card. Reds don't actually do a lick of work. That is only in movies and 1940's novels.

That said - Viva Mexico! Viva Puebla! Viva Poblanos!

Cinco De Mayo marks the anniversary of great fight of a proud people - Mexican defeated the French Armies of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte in 1862. Proud people make proud Americans.

I hope an Amnesty is declared with the criminals sent home. Seal the borders. Prosecute the immigration mules.

Viva Mexico! God Bless America!


The Rattler said...

Wow, a pitcher of Margaritas by 11am. You go!

pathickey said...

Not This Hombre! A gallon of Pacifico ( 12oz. at a time) con limas - naturalmente!