Monday, May 24, 2010

ACLU -Catholics May Not Enter Into Business Agreements -Ed Yohnka

ACLU and American Progressives have hated Catholics and the Catholic Church from the get-go - that's okay; nothing new. However, for the last forty years the American corporate media have sucked- up to the ACLU on every instance of opportunity to impugn Catholics and undermine any all moral authority of the Catholic Church.

Folks still take the sacraments each Sunday and many people continue to convert to the Roman Catholic Faith. Nevertheless, NPR, the newspapers, Public Television ( WTTW) and new internet Progressive flagships like Huffington Post offer the ACLU full forum. Ed Yohnka of ACLU availed himself of an opportunity to make such that the Abortion Industry keeps the dollars flowing to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, by denying the Catholic Church the right to enter into contracts.


In a little reported local move, Resurrection Health Care, a Roman Catholic health system, is seeking to sell two of its suburban Chicago hospitals to the nonsectarian Vanguard Health Systems. As part of the deal, Resurrection has demanded that Vanguard maintain the religiously-based health care restrictions Resurrection instituted when took control of the hospitals a number of years ago--and Vanguard has agreed to do so.

These restrictions are embodied in the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services ("the Directives"), promulgated by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, and are imposed on all Catholic-owned institutions and the employees who work in those institutions. The Directives prohibit many critical health services--particularly in the area of reproductive health end-of-life care. Under the Directives, patients are denied tubal ligations and vasectomies as well as contraception. In fact, the Directives prohibit many women who have been raped from accessing emergency contraception, which could, if taken promptly, prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Patients' end-of-life wishes are only respected if they are consistent with "Catholic moral teaching." Elective abortions are forbidden, as are abortions that are necessary to preserve the pregnant woman's health. In cases where a pregnant patient's physician believes that she will die if her pregnancy is not immediately terminated, the physician may seek approval from the hospital's ethics committee, who will decide whether the Directives permit termination in that case. Only if that committee allows it, can the life-saving measure be taken.

These restrictions endanger women across the nation . . .

Eddie Boy, women who get abortions are just fine and dandy. Unborn Children? Not so hot.

The Catholic Church will not yield on abortion, as it did not yield on Fascism and Communism. That really puts Progressive panties in a tight twist.

Ed, name ONE istance where the ACLU Ever helped Catholics. Name one Aborted Child, Ed.

Huffington Post, NPR, WTTW, the corporate editorial boards and amoeba spined hacks like Dick Durbin will help you huff and puff about "American Values."

American People know the smell of dead skunk and the themes of the ACLU.

Hey, how about them BlackHawks!


LL said...

The wanton murder of the helpless/the unborn is one of the things that have defined the US in our decline. Progressives roll in it and, pleased with the stench, declare themselves "free to choose". Putting a gun to their heads and pulling the trigger would also mean that the trigger puller was "free to choose" but they'd look at THAT in a different way.

pathickey said...

Yes, they would LL and they would reply that our opinion was 'just chilling. . .chilling.'

These fatuous creeps wrap themselves in moral authority?