Sunday, May 02, 2010

Leo Men Never Box at Air - St. Paul, Support and Boxing as a Christian Prayer

“So I do not run uncertainly or box like one who hits only air.” – 1 Corinthians 9:26

"Well, it's a contact sport, and you're going to get hit," Mayweather said. "You got to suck it up and keep on fighting." -Floyd Mayweather

Yesterday, I toured members of the Leo High School Jubilee Class of 1960 following the April 30th Leo Banquet at the Lexington House in Hickory Hills, IL. This annual event is the template for alumni events and the empirical evidence of the support and love for our Catholic high school at 7901 South Sangamon.

There were about forty Leo Men and their wives shepherded by Chicago Fire Commissioner (ret) James T. Joyce and classmate Larry Bahnaman. We viewed the Leo Hall of Fame, the cafeteria which once served as the annex chapel for St. Leo Parish, classrooms, the storied Leo 3rd Floor Gym and the now famous Leo Boxing Room.

One 1960 Classman questioned the propriety of promoting the violent sport of boxing -'Should Christians try to knock one another out?"

God, Yes! St. Paul was a jockstrap and 1 Corinthians attests to athletics as prayerful path to spiritual power. The Greek for sports was Agonistes. The Struggle - The Battle. This is not some New Age Path to Enlightenment. Christ got nailed to a Cross after being spat upon, scourged, kicked and reviled, The Square Ring is a Crucifix for young scrappers. No excuses.

The guy rolled his eyes and asked, "Is the pool still open?"

No sir. Locked up. I am sorry but we had pipe damage and it is very costly. Not many kids ask to swim these days, but more than one third of the school box. They understand Agonistes.

In the gym, Jim Joyce and Larry Bahnaman informed the group of Leo's need to get its walk-in freezer replaced so the kids can be sure of lunch. It will cost upward of $ 5,000. Some blow? Not to Leo Guys.

Last night Floyd Mayweather had his knees buckled by Shane Mosely in the 2nd Round, but came back to win the decision.

The Class of 1960 stays in the fight - all Leo Men do. They don't box at air.

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