Friday, May 28, 2010

Chicago Editorial Boards Will Attack Every Union But SEIU

Carol Marin will soak the Carpenters Union for months after some disappointed rat drops a dime on a BA he don't like. The Tribune will launch a huff and puff series about systemic racism in the skilled trades and the small number of black apprentices without mentioning the fact that black kids from public schools score horribly in math and plumbers need to know the difference between 1/8th" and 1/16th" and beef about testing standards, drug testing, valid drivers licences and requirements of that sort. They will make idiotic protestations about Slilled Trades hourly pay to heat up the idiots who bull-horn behind Andy Stern's Purple Gang without detatiling the many hours of study and personal expensees laid out by all tradesmen in order to "earn' their salaries. Teamsters, Hoisters, Riggers, Electricians, Operating Engineers, Pipe-fitters, Stage Hands and you name the trade are all fair journalistic game for the ersatz Menckens.

Not so SEIU. SEIU is not a union; it is a PAC -a very powerful PAC. It is and has been a Marxist lead PAC and one up to its eyeballs in corruption ( most recently the BLAGO pooch screwing by Fitzy the Fed - BLAGO will walk, BTW).

Wonderfully accurate cartoon by James Hudnall and Val Mayerik at Big Journalism

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