Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Okay, Kagan Ain't Gay - Is That a Problem for Who?

My Grandma Donahue could not imagine why Liberace, Rock Hudson and Charles Nelson Reilly never seemed to have a blond on the arm. "They're good-looking gents with wads of spending loot; what's the matter with some girls?"

Grandma, they bat from the other side of the plate, they like Tyrone Power as much as you do; . . . more.

The fact remains that Liberace, Rock Hudson and Charles Nelson Reilly were good-looking gents with wads of spending loot and heaps of talent. They never seemed to want for work, despite LGBT Victim hood doctrine that demands that they wore pink stars on their clothing at all times and slept on straw in between beatings.

Grandma Donahue and Grandpa Donahue were dragged up in the 'Ville - Canaryville, which is not exactly Boystown, but many boys spent their youths between Wentworth/Halsted; 39th & 47th Streets.

Elena Kagan is President Obama's choice for the Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice John Paul Stevens. The White House and everyone that they can find are jumping on the Oprah Coach - "She's Not Gay!!!!" Politico which gets fed directly everything coming out of the White House has a full-court Press denial about Elena Kagan's mysterious inclinations

Walzer, a former aide to Senator Joe Lieberman and a lawyer in Bill Clinton’s Department of Health and Human Services, now lives on Long Island, N.Y., and runs a non-profit that helps low-income parents prepare young children for school.

At the time, though, the two lived the life of single, straight young women, with a bit of a Harvard Law twist.

Walzer recalled “discussion about who she might be interested in – the usual girl talk stuff-- talk about how to get his attention.”

This was “less along the lines of how to wear your hair,” Walzer said, than how to avoid intimidating men with an intellect and confidence that weren’t always seen as attractive traits

Okay, so what? Who asked? Remember how the tightly closeted Rosie O'Donnell used to swoon at the mention Tom Cruise? Jesus, you could have knocked nearly every I.Q. above room temperature over with a sledge hammer blow between the lamps, when Ellen DeGeneris, Rosie O'Donnell and Melissa Etheridge announced that they like Babes too!

Watson, the game's afoot!

I could care less. Can Elena Kagan do the job? Tom Tunney, is openly gay and is one of the few Chicago Alderman who is not a hair-trigger for bladder spilling laughter. Tom Tunney is gay and happens to be a great public servant. Congressman Barney Frank is openly gay and is a sputtering arrogant train wreck.

Get to the issues. Define the Constitution, Ms. Kagan. Give the right answers and become Justice Kagan.

Okay, you ain't gay.

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