Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Big Shoulders and Reilly's Daughter Nudge Skinny and Houli at Avenue 950

Tomorrow on AM Radio 950 6-8 P.M. ...........................Do NOT miss the Skinny and Houli Show!Special guests this week include Joshua Hale from the Big Shoulders Fund, which provides support for inner-city Chicago Catholic schools. 100% of the funds raised by Big Shoulders goes directly to students and schools for scholarships, special education programs, instructional materials, facility improvements and faculty support. In the second hour, we'll be interviewing Boz and Brendan O'Brien, owners of Reilly's Daughter Pub in Midway Airport. Plus, hear what's coming up in Chicago this week... don't miss a minute of this great show!

Well you can miss it . . .like if something comes up . . . like your draft number, or you get called in to work . . .or you forget . . . you the owner is buying at your corner saloon . . . I mean Mothra won't get into the City or squirrels in your ComEd Box and gnaw out all your wiring . . .but it will be a great show!!!

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