Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time Magazine Kicks Catholics -Again. Jesuit America Gave Them Feed

No one hates like a Progressive. They hate coldly, consistently, and methodically. Progressives in the last century bonded ( Woman Suffrage, Hegelian Academics,Pacifists, Prohibitionist, Abortionists, Labor Radicals, and Old Timey Ku Klux Klan Nativists) and forged a coalition that gave America Prohibition. Prohibition was repealed and Progressive melted into the Daffy obscurity from which they sprang.

Post World War II labor strife, the Cold War and the Pill cleared they way again for the Progressive.

Confronting Progressive daffiness unchecked is the Roman Catholic Church. Catholics have rules and traditions going back to the Pentecost. Pete the Fisherman was given the Keys to the Kingdom - Catholics have an unbroken line of succession from Christ to Peter to Benedict XVI.

Progressives hate this and need this Rock eroded. They hate coldly, consistently and methodically.

This week, Time Magazine takes the baton from greasy fingers of a Jesuit Academic who wrote an obscure ( Progressives do love obscure - it's a Hegelian thing) article that kicks the Pope for is rock-solid stand on sexual mores and Life Issues - Rock solid - it is in the Pope's job description.

America is a Jesuit run magazine, that to my mind, is historically pusillanimous. Too many American Catholic academics are self-conscious about their Faith. They are embarrassed to be the tripe-eating, mackerel snapping immigrant readers of Chesterton, Belloc, and Hopkins and want to suck up to the Hellman's Mayonnaise that is American 19th Century Romanticism smeared on Hegelian arugula and white bread sandwich. They reject the sure footed humility of Catholic Thought for the robust wildman homo eroticism of Whitman, Thoreau and Emerson.

Well, boys and girls, the weak sister at America play ball with the Progressive secularists in order not to be ridiculed for eating fish on Friday and following doctrine. Jews ashamed to be Jews? I have yet to meet one. Baptists and Lutherans are comfortable in their skins. Catholics? They can be really mealy-mouthed and fawning. Most Catholic working folks are as tough-minded and devout as their grandparents were, but some college papered "I'm a Cultural Catholic -more Spiritual than Anything" Milksops think that being a lick-spittle go-along will gain entree to the Progressive Pantheon. No it won't. You just be a tool and a dull tool at best.
Speaking of tools . . . America set the stage for the coming week's Time Cover Issue that assaults the Catholic Church again.

"NEW YORK, May 20, 2010 ( - A column for the Jesuit magazine America, in which Rev. James Martin, S.J. criticized Pope Benedict XVI's pro-life and pro-family message in Portugal as "bizarre," and implied it was contrary to the Gospel, has been revised to omit the strongest language.

Martin, who serves as Culture Editor at the publication, took issue with the pope's recent statement that abortion and same-sex "marriage" rank among "some of today’s most insidious and dangerous threats to the common good."

"The equation of abortion, something that clearly is about a threat to life, with same-sex marriage, which no matter how you look at it, does not mean that anyone is going to die, is bizarre," he wrote. In a later version of the column, "bizarre" was deleted and replaced with "unhelpful at best."

Wrote the priest: "Why has same-sex marriage been equated with abortion? Are they really equivalent 'threats' to life?

"If you’re looking for a life issue with stakes as high as abortion, why not something that actually threatens life? Like war? Or the death penalty? Or the kind of poverty and destitution that lead to death?" he continued. "The great danger is that this increasingly popular equation will seem to many as having less to do with moral equivalency and more to do with a simple dislike, or even a hatred, of gays and lesbians.

The final sentence, which read, "And that goes against not simply Catholic teaching, but against the Gospel," was removed from the column as of Thursday. . . .

If the Holy Father's proclamation of the unchanging truth makes Father Martin uncomfortable, then it's time for Father Martin to hang up his collar," wrote Euteneuer. "How dare he misrepresent His Holiness's intent just to ingratiate himself further with the secular left, who find no sin in homosexual behavior! How dare he even imply that the Holy Father, by speaking the truth, somehow contradicts the Gospel and Catholic teaching!

"That such an offense would come from within the bowels of America Magazine is perhaps predictable, but no less infuriating."

Time Magazine is cold, consistent and methodical. The Pope will not yield, because the Church can not yield. The Church can not say that murder is choice; homosexuality is just fine for the propagation of Man; Jesus was a Woman; Peter was Transgender; Natural Law is Artificial; Abortion is Life; Euthanasia is an HBO prerogative.

Get set for Time Magazine's assault on my Church. It's Progressive.

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Anonymous said...

Human garbarge wrote this article

Hes probably proud of the pope who in 2009 UNexzcommunicated a holocaust denying bishop williamson

Or maybe this guy is just another of the 100,000 kids the catholic church soul murdered by their unmarried priests raping him

I know someone like this guy. Turns out he is a perfect fit in so many ways for the above scene, which screws up kids heads and the church then specifically uses these people to push its various agendas of hate.