Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Chicago Journalist ( Hack) Will Take on SEIU, or Will No Chicago Journalist Take on SEIU?

Dithering Dick Durbin is a sausage made by Progressive politics - an expensive, bland and largely indigestible sausage. Not every politician is a sausage but Progressive politics is a policy-sausage manufacturer that employs smarmy pie-chart cutters like Ralph Martire for Tax Increases every hour on the eights and 40Watt Intellect columnists. The sausage casing is provided by Teachers Unions, Planned Parenthood, SEIU and the corporate media. No elected official dove into the casing like Dick Durbin.

The guy, as far as I can tell having spent several hours in his company when he needed a photo op with black kids, does not strike to be as impressive as melba toast and has the personality of a dial tone. Dick Durbin is a sausage.

Today SEIU's Comic Book -Progress Illinois - praises Dithering Dick for this bon mot- "BP no longer stands for British Petroleum. It stands for Beyond Patience."
Dithering Dick!!!! Positively Shavian! Clubs and clubbable swains will echo that one!

How about this BP - Before Planned Parenthood ( $$$$$$$) -Durbin was Pro-Life - Better Payday? Brighter Possibilities? Big Payday? Berry Progressive?Before Planned Parenthood; Bought Politicians . . . yeah, that works.

SEIU owns Durbin, Schakowsky, and so many others. Well they co-own Durbin and Schalowsky and so many others.

SEIU was at one time the old Janitors Union ( Local 25)- The Building Theatres and Amusements Janitor's Local # 25. They had Universal Family Health Care for all union members and their families, before Andy Stern sold off the assets to turn the union into a Marxist Political Action Committee.

This powerful PAC owns columnists and websites and refuses to feed any hand that bites them. Capital Fax has long had a warm and mutually gushing relationship with Progress Illinois and SEIU, as far as I can see.

SEIU is all about power - Gays, Immigrants, Sick Folks, Victimhood Capitalists, and Academics are the spice that flavors sausages like Dick Durbin, Jan Schakowsly and so many others.

No Chicago columnist will ever take on SEIU. However, remember that a Conservative is merely a Liberal who has been mugged. Witness a journalist who witnessed SEIU at their worst and most thuggish:

What's interesting is that SEIU, the nation's second largest union, craves respectability. Just-retired president Andy Stern is an Obama friend and regular White House visitor. He sits on the President's Fiscal Responsibility Commission. He hobnobs with those greedy Wall Street CEOs -- executives much higher-ranking than my neighbor Baer -- at Davos. His union spent $70 million getting Democrats elected in 2008.

In the business community, though, SEIU has a reputation for strong-arm tactics against management, prompting some companies to file suit.

Nina Easton - Fortune Magazine

Andy Stern is part of Blago scandal and also a member of the President's Council on Deficit Reduction.

Gee, call me cynical.

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