Sunday, May 23, 2010

Indict Them Ideas! Paul Begala and Why President Obama Is Not Doing Very Well

I am a Democrat. President Obama did not get my vote in 2008, because I thought that he was no where near ready and that he was handled by some very dicey people. He is.

Things are going very badly in foreign policy, the gulf of Mexico, the Mexican border, Afhghanistan, Iraq, of the streets if Chicago and in the national economy. Things are going badly because the dicey folks are the only voice forcing issues and circumstances.

Here is a prime example - Paul Begala. This guy is about as impressive as any American Idol participant. Hey, thanks for playing; there's the exit.

President Obama has people even less impressive than Paul Begala in his Administration - Eric Hoder, Janet Napolitano e.g. and conducting American Foreign Policy - Ms. Rice and Master Michael Posner e.g.. Every week there is new disaster and shift in the 'compelling narrative,'

Here is a bon-bon from Begala.

"The president needs to indict not simply Bush or even Republicans. He is a visionary thinker, and his rhetoric should reflect that,” said Democratic strategist Paul Begala. “I want President Obama to make a consistent, compelling indictment of conservative ideas.”

Good Lord. Time, get a-moving!

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