Friday, November 20, 2009

Thomson Gitmo Guest Haus ? Eric Zorn Hysterical about Imagined Fear? He Skips Naked Into Ruth's Mini Club - So To Speak.

Eric Zorn, not an original thinker and part of the PC herd of sheeple being prodded with the staff to counter opposition with a buzz-word du jour - fear.

Senator Dithering Dick Durbin, no stranger to group think is the Good Shepherd on this venture to bring 200 Terrorists to Carroll County in order to:

1. Improve the lives of 506 people in the town of Thomson, Illinois
2. Improve the quality of life for America's Guests who have been maltreated in Guantanamo by GW Bush and Dick Cheney
3. Give Eric Zorn something to say
4. Ensure that Eric " A Nation of Cowards" Holder has some cover for his Law Firm that specializes in getting terrorists off the hook
5. Ensure that former Governor Pat Quinn gets single digit numbers in the Democratic Primary.
6. Improve Melon sales in Carroll County

Eric Zorn is doing his level best to help make Thomson Illinois the Gitmo Guest Haus our President needs, because no other State will step-up.

EZ is puffing out his metaphorical 24" chest and straiting the muscles and sinews of his 6" neck attached to that chest with challenging words directed at the GOP who say no the move. Well I am a 19th Ward Democrat and I think moving any of hombres from GITMO to ANYWHERE is a Bone-Stupid idea. If it ain't broke don't monkey with it. Gitmo is the absolute best place on earth for these melon-devouring scumbags.

Get this -

And, yes, there's a risk associated with operating an open system of justice, whether we're trying mobsters, gang bangers or violent extremists. But that's just one of the risks of living in a free society, risks most of us are glad, even proud to assume.

Yes there is a risk when you take all of your clothes off, pour honey all over your head, don an Indian Headdress and skip buck-ass naked south on Halsted Street from 79th Street and decide to pop into Ruth's Mini Club Lounge at 83rd Street and Shout "Miss Scarlet! Eat that Barbecue and stop acting like Field Hand! and Come over and Kiss Mr. Rhett!"

That too is fraught with peril, Eric. Courage Camille!

Save us the "Gitmo was the Recruiting tool of Al Queda . . .' Really, girls? Where are there any Al Queda Recruitment Center Posters or Be Al You Khan Be! commercial on Al Jazeera?

EZ and the Fear Tossers need a handful of Midols.

Their Agenda is a National Trainwreck on Health Care, the Economy, Environment, Foreign Relations, and Hanukkah. When your numbers are way done, it is a good idea to ADD some support, but the Progressive Plan reequires more subtraction on the way to self-pity.

President Obama has done everything that the Amateur Hour White House Crew ( thick with Progressive Chicagoans) advised that he do and as a result -he is going down as the Millard Filmore of the New Millennium. Hell, even Jimmy Carter is looking good by comparison.

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