Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MSNBC Whited Sepulchre of Planned Parenthood, Part 2 -Chris Matthews & Lawrence O'Donnell Altar Boys of Abortion

Click my post title for Chris Matthews imbecilic, obnoxious and offensive disrespect of Bishop Thomas Tobin.

“This is a political act by a political bishop… Political bishops do the church absolutely no good. This guy’s—this bishop is a political hack.”

– Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC

“What law would you pass?” You’re coming down on Congressman Kennedy and other public officials. …Would you outlaw abortion?” Chris Matthews, MSNBC

That Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell are hacks and bad ones at that is no problem. That MSNBC is an Advocacy Propaganda Mill is no problem. They should not be fired, they should be invited to every Knights of Columbus Council in America for a chat with fellow Catholic Laymen. Father Perez Council on the south side of Chicago would be particularly warm in its recognition of each GE shill on MSNBC and their attack on Catholics and the Unborn.

That Catholic Doctrine and Catholic Bishops are under attack by MSNBC and its Stooge Line-up is a problem.

General Electric/NBC/MSNBC have made a collective decision to assault the largest single religious group in America, because there is money to be made from their perceived 70% balance of the American Demographic and counting on visceral Catholics, like the Kennedys, Matthews and O'Donnells. General Electric has invested millions of dollars in the Progressive Political market: Green Capitalism, Foreign Policy Obeisance, Debtor-based capitalism with Asia, Government Marketplace -Not a good bet. Conditions are proving that and all the propaganda organ can do is crank out assaults on the opposition - Catholics, Palin, Tea-Party, School Choice, Anti-Abortion Americans.

Catholics are not happy with politicians enthralled to Planned Parenthood. Catholics are happy with leaders like Bishop Thomas Tobin.

Catholics will scorn idiots like Matthews and O'Donnell who shill for their masters, but they will take action against the merchants who pay these shills.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget GE is also betting on embryonic stem cell "therapy" with Geron Corporation. Sick bastards.