Monday, November 02, 2009

Frank Rich's Dies Irae and No One Dies!

I had an opportunity to read Frank Rich's New York Times Op-Ed piece "The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York" and wasted a few minutes there.

The salient paragraph at the very end of the piece explains the entire train wreck that is the Obama Enterprise of Media.

Only in the alternative universe of the far right is Obama a pariah and Palin the great white hope. It’s become a Beltway truism that the White House’s (mild) spat with Fox News is counterproductive because it drives up the network’s numbers. But if curious moderate and independent voters are now tempted to surf there and encounter Beck’s histrionics for the first time, the president’s numbers will benefit as well. To the uninitiated, the tea party crowd comes across like the barflies in “Star Wars.”

Why, Francis, you should have offered a more more nuanced lagniappe - Say something like Werner Herzog's homoerotic Everyman Klaus Kinski would be rendered quizzical in their shabby genteel presence. “The trees are in misery. The birds are in misery; they just screech in pain. We are cursed in what we are doing here.”

Oh, Francis, yielding to Pop Kulture Kampf with a jejune Star Wars trope?

Keep telling Captain Obama about them icebergs Francis - he's a great listener.

Do. Oh,Do click my post title and give a listen to an homage to Frank Rich by the poet Dallas Moore.

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