Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Gate Crashers, Bob Creamer's Swag-Bag and Our L'il Bow-Wow -in-Chief's White House Amatuer Hour!

Hey, At least President Barack "L'il Bow-Wow" Obama did not jackknife into a low obeisance to the Gate Crashers. John Bachelor has a wonderful essay on our National Cutest ( Next to Barack and Michelle of course) Couple! Extra, EXTRA!!!

The Vineyard-Bankrupts of Virginia are well on their way to becoming the Colin Kelly*'s of the Obama White House - cheeky, wealthy, stylishly-hip, gracefully clever, edgy, and so-so venal! Hell, Illinois Congressional Nitwit Jan Shakowsky was able to drag along her Felon Husband Bob 'The Shank" Creamer without a "Dem Your eyes, Agent Dobbins! The Blighter's On Desiree's List Afteh all! Soory, Guvnah!"
Sic et Non!
Convicted Felon and Alinsky-style community organizer, Bob Creamer, (husband of Socialist Progressive Democrat Jan Schakowsky), who was last seen training Organizers for Obama in 2007, dined with our nation’s most polished at last night’s State dinner at the White House.
Bob Creamer was convicted for check fraud and tax evasion, related to his work with DSA connected Citizen Action.

Rahn Emanual will place the the Coo-some Salehi's at the top on future events and maybe even on White House retainers as consultants. They will be Progressive Darlings - and they are.

The well-heeled bankrupt Middle Eastern American fop and his serial dater bride,Michaele and Tareq Salahi, are tailor made for the Obama White House. President Obama bows to Progressive Will, Planned Parenthood and all the folks who wish us no good will.


PM has been digging, and on close examination Michaele and Tareq Salahi have been moving in high end social and political circles for quite some time.

The White House is just the creme de la creme of the hot spots they've hit - the Salahis have attended receptions at the Executive Mansion in Virginia, big-dollar dinners for Congressional leadership and appear grinning next to top politicians and celebrities in dozens of photos on the Internet.

They own a winery and are heavily involved with the U.S. Polo Team, and they managed to get formally announced at the White House Wednesday night, before posing happily with Vice President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. (They also met President Obama in the receiving line.)

Colin Kelly - Dead White Man from WWII

In the dark days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, American forces fought back against an overwhelming Japanese onslaught, with obsolete aircraft and equipment. With minimal resources and no hope of reinforcement, they fought a desperate, losing battle, hoping to buy a little time for the United States and her allies in the Pacific. As the Japanese advanced through the Phillipines, U.S. airmen and soldiers fought until they surrendered or were destroyed. Their valiant sacrifice is still remembered today.

Representative of their valor was a young B-17 pilot, Captain Colin Kelly, who, with a handful of others, flew the first American bombing missions of World War II. Three days afer Pearl Harbor, with Clark Field under air attack, he made an emergency takeoff with three 600-pound bombs aboard. He located several Japanese cruisers shelling a landing area near Aparri. Kelly's plane bombed from 22,000 feet, amazingly, hitting a cruiser. On the way back to Clark, he and his crew were attacked by a squadron of Japanese Zeros led by top ace Saburo Sakai. They raked the Fortress from the rear in a running battle for several dozen miles, killing the waist gunner and injuring others. As the crippled ship began to fall to earth, Kelly held the controls steady while the others bailed out. As the sixth man left the ship, it blew up. His was the first B-17 lost in combat; Kelly was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

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