Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shell Games Catches up to Professor Dave Protess - Innocence?

After the student paid the cabbie, the driver recorded the transaction in his log, today's filing states. Apparently suspicious that it was a drug deal or a sting, he wrote: "detective gave me 60, told me to give him 40, gave me 60... gave him change." The "him" refers to Drakes.

Seems like Professor Dave Protess and the Kids of the Innocence Project - in the zeal to free Mr. McKinney of course - engaged in a little Pay-to-Play.

"You be a Witness to Justice , Mr. Drakes, and You Keep the Change! Change You Can Believe In!"

The Medill Empire encompasses Northwestern Law and Schools of Journalism and they work very well and nicely with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board.

Americans love to root for Innocent Men Falsely Accused/Tortured/Disrespected/Hookwinked/Bamboozeled/Bewitched/ Bothered and Bewildered - we do, honestly we do.

However, given the thick padding American Justice gives to the accused it sometimes might be a stretch to find a really innocent man. The more Innocent men the more news it will be and the more funding for pet projects like the Innocence Project.

Every young law student harbors the dream of being this Century's Darrow - the Lawyer of the Damned. There are no Clarence Darrows. There are only the balsa wood imitations like G. Flint Taylor.

Thus, I have a tough time soiling my boxers when the Tribune fulminates against Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez in her rather respectful demand that Professor Dave Protess, an insulated Professor at Northwestern University whose work on behalf of career criminals looking to get out of prison has been most newsworthy and celebrated, cough up the Discovery material - it seems Professor Dave may have let it be known that grades might be attached to convictions overturned by the Kids. Professor Dave gets crowds to hush at the sound of his name - he is such an on-the-level-straight- shooting- Justice Samurai.

Until now. Hokey-pokey! Cab Cash!

It sure looks like States Attorney Alvarez caught Professor Dave with his Innocence down around his ankles.

Officials with the state's attorney's office also said there could be a bias on the part of students seeking better grades by finding more witnesses.

Northwestern and its attorneys respond by saying the investigation should be treated as one conducted by journalists. They said the county already has all on-the-record information, including interviews and copies of audio and video tapes.

I wonder if Judge Stinky Sarokin will continue treating us with his Cook County States Gestapo pieces.


Anonymous said...

This post makes absolutely no sense. Learn how to put a sentence together before you start blogging.

pathickey said...

One Declarative and one Imperative sentence.

You seem like a very dense jerk. Stop commenting.

How's that, Murial? - Interrogative.

Anonymous said...

Pat I am interested in why you have such cynical view of this. I see this as a worthy but probably frustrating effort by these students, What does the Prof have to gain by seeking the release of the guilty as you seem to suggest? Given the number of people we are learning have been wrongfully convicted in recent times there should be more people like Protess

pathickey said...

That is a very sound and very well presented question, my friend.

1. I work in the non-profit world and see powerful application of tax-protected millions allocated by board members with political agendas.

2. The Medill Empire in particular feeds a for-profit entity Tribune Company ( Papers/Radio/TV/RealEstate/Finance)driven by NEWS. - That news -it seems to me is manufactured and marketed.

3. Law Schools have been working actively with Journalism Schools for more than thirty years to advance a powerfully leftist agenda ( ACLU/People Law Office/MacArthur Ceneter for Justice & etc) dedicated to undermine any and all trust in Law or Justice and thus clear the way for an endless parade of lawsuits - police brutality/torture & etc.

4. This synergy created a Thug Comfort Zone in Chicago and other cities.

5. I know many persons who have been murdered in this carefully crafted milieau.

6. I take the weather personally. I had a great deal of love and affection for many of the young men from Leo murdered on the streets, because law enforcement has been incapacitated as a result of the efforts of 501(c)3 revolutionaries like Pro. Dave and others.

Not just cynical - pissed off.

Your question was intelligent and dignified and I only hope that my response matched it somewhat.

Thank You.

Pat Hickey