Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pat Hughes for U.S. Senate! Dan Proft for Governor

Dan Proft had me at, "Hey!" While I love Andy McKenna's hair commercial and believe him to be one of the finest people in shoes, I must go with Dan Proft. While Speaker Madigan takes a lot of grief from Proft, I see equally fine qualities of work ethic, integrity, common sense, common decency, and loyalty in each.

Andy Andriekzcxsiekiqzkie seems a nice lad and his Mom and Dad did commercials for him. That is right out of Dan Hynes 'Hey, I Want to Lose and Badly' Playbook.
Pat Quinn is a sweet guy.

Pat Quinn is the kind of guy who the more vicious types that we all grew up with prod into doing really stupid things - "Pat, I bet Bill Celini, Kjellander and Quentin Young thatYOU -Maniac Pat - couldn't chug this quart of EverClear, smoke a pack of Luckies all Once and then flip ( jump on while moving) an L-Car on the Dan Ryan when they slow down coming into 95th Street!" Mad Dog Quinn'll do it! Hell, Quinn does everything and anything Ralphie Martire dreams of!

I was going to vote for Alexi Giannoulias for U.S. Senate, but he has gotten too cozy with the Abortion Industry and the abortion of American Labor -SEIU. I like Alexi.
Listening to Ditering Dick Durbin, a guy who makes Joe Biden sound ike Daniel Webster, was a bad idea. If Giannoulias had gotten even just a little bit closer to the thoughts of Speaker Mike Madigan, he'd be a shoe-in for Senator. Nope.

The GOP has Marque Kirque. Christ Almighty. Oh, Marque has an identical twin brother - Marque Dillard.

But then along comes the unknown Pat Hughes and he is immediately attacked by professional litigator and goofball Anthony Elton-John- Trigona-Lightfoot-Teddy Atlas-Dino-Desi- & Billy- The Couch is on Fire, Pa- Bluementhall-Hanratty -Martin: Just Plain Andy Martin these days.

Lynn Sweet tries to give Marque Kirque some cotton candy in today's Sun Times offering but then up steps Bughouse Andy Martin!

andy martin wrote:
Hughes is a joke. Lynn Sweet is showing her pro-Democrat bias by trying to promote Hughes as a Republican. Hughes did not even vote republican until 2008. But then that's why the Sun-Times is in bankruptcy. They won’t tell the truth, so no one believes what they say.

Andy Martin
Republican for U. S. Senator

I was enchanted!

'Had not given Young Master Hughes a thought until Testors-sniffing Andy Martin went all Birther on him. Lo and Behold Patrick Hughes has Coach Ditka on the sidelines and
a solid record on No Abortion No How.
scal Policy
Our economy grows when private citizens and businesses are freed from unnecessary government intervention. Lower taxes, restrained government spending and the elimination of oppressive regulatory schemes that crush innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit are the hallmarks of his economic philosophy.

National Defense Policy
A strong national defense must be backed by the best funded, best trained and most prepared military in history. Any effective national defense policy must include our continual willingness and ability to fight the war on terror, negotiate peace with our enemies only through strength, and honor those who have served our country both while they are serving and when their service is done.

Health Care Policy
More government intervention into our health care system will result in higher costs, rationing of medical care and most importantly, the irreversible slide towards unsustainable European style statism. We can improve our health care system by reducing government mandates, allowing citizens to shop for health insurance across state lines to promote competition, providing tax credits to families to purchase health insurance, passing serious tort reform, and eliminating fraud and waste.

Energy Policy
America needs to reduce our reliance on foreign oil imports. Doing so is imperative to our national security. We must harvest our vast coal, oil and natural gas resources, including drilling offshore and in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). We must expand our use of nuclear power. At the same time, we should continue to invest in new technologies, including obtaining energy from wind, solar and biofuels.

Immigration Policy
America is a nation of people like Pat's grandparents—immigrants who came here from a far away place for a chance at the American dream. Thus, we should encourage immigrants to come here legally, enforce laws that provide a legitimate path to citizenship, and enforce our borders against those who would enter our country illegally.

Foundations of American Life
Liberal policies have undermined the social fabric of our country by assaulting the foundations of American life—religious institutions, marriage and the family. Pat promises to fight to protect, preserve and advance all three.

A life worthy of protection begins at conception, that abortion undermines our American Promise to protect and defend our citizens. Therefore, Roe v. Wade severely undermines our democracy and must be overturned.

I will vote for Pat Hughes. I will continue to ridicule Cap'n Trade Marque Kirque for the Skunque That He Be ! I only hope that Pat Hughes avoids the Illinois GOP curse of having his toes blown off by the geniuses in that Confederacy of Dunces.

Thus far, it looks like I am voting for Dan Proft for Governor and Pat Hughes for U.S. Senate.


Andy Martin said...

When you support a joke like Pat Hughes, you make a joke of yourself. Anyone can post a series of talking points on a web site; Hughes accomplished that. But he lied about Ditka and he lied about a lot of other stuff. He’s a bankrupt real estate developer. The man has no experience. If you think you’re a humorist I would not quit your day job. I’m glad I was able to connect you with Hughes. You see made for each other.

Andy Martin
Republican for U. S. Senator

pathickey said...

Andy Martin, Boy and Girls!

He'll be back -always is.