Monday, November 16, 2009

Imbecile Chris M(atthews)SNBC Attacks Rep. Judy Biggert for not having His Misunderstanding History

Talking to alleged Turkish Spy and celebrated nitwit Jan Shakowsky is a walk in the park for the Forty Watt Power of Chris Matthews blond brain.

Trying to add a counter point of view was too much and it tasked Matthews beyond his own oafish abilities to be develop declarative sentences - he was stuck on Interrogatory and Imperatives.

To sum up, On today's offering of Hardball Matthews invited two Congresswomen for Illinois to discuss the invitation to Gitmo Terrorists to enjoy Thomson Illinois and the folly of A Nation of Coward Holder's usurpation of the Office of the President to try enemy combatants like they were Gangster Disciples.

To make his point - like the one that sits on his shoulders - Matthews howled at Rep. Biggert when she objected to foreign enemies and terrorists being afforded the rights of Americans.

"Was John Adams wrong then to try British soldiers in an American Civil Court of Law and not a military court after the Boston Massacre? Was he John Adams! You are saying John Adams was wrong."

No, Matthews, as always you are wrong.

The British Soldiers were tried in a Crown Court by a Crown Lawyer, John Adams, shortly after the 1770 Massacre in Boston. John Adams was a British subject.

If Rep. Biggert does not demand an apology from this oaf and the MSNBC Ship of Fools , she is a bigger idiot than Matthews. MSNBC is a sad joke. Matthews one of its saddest clowns.

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