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AP Mocks Catholics, Because A Kennedy Loves Abortion.

Communion is a church ritual that involves the sharing of bread and wine meant to represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
AP 11/22/2009


Meant to represent?

Would it be a stretch then to say that Muhammad is not the Prophet of Allah, but plays one on TV?

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The little Pain-killing goof will be on Bill Maher next. That is to be expected.

The Associated Press went out of its way to give Catholics the toe in a report that Re. Patrick Kennedy is not going to receive The Eucharist ( Holy Communion) because he truly love Abortion and is most public in his Abortion Happy pronouncements and Bishop Tom Tobin has admonished Little Pat not to come up to the rail.

Kennedy's are Catholic when it suits them politically. They can annul the marriage and deny the mother of their children in order to marry someone else - that would be High Church Anglican ala Henry Tudor, I believe. A Kennedy can pay off his/her debt to Planned Parenthood by voting to help bored Botox-ed women of wealth cosmetically abort a child and parse it up to concern for the poor. A Kennedy can, it seems, treat the Faith in much the same way as they treat the Law, pay what's needed to make any problem go away. That only works around gutless Churchmen and jurists. The Law is loaded with power-sycophants, but the Catholic Church has Bishop Tom Tobin.

Bishop Tom Tobin is a real priest. The AP works for Planned Parenthood as well and fits the news to fit its agenda by addition and deletion. Therefore, the AP gives the Mackeral Snappers a bowlful of vitriol in the eyes. The self-absorbed little jerk Kennedy went crying to the AP and the AP went Camelot with the story.

The fact is that Bishop Tobin tried to keep his admonishment* of Kennedy a private teaching matter, but this spoiled child knows no Grace.

The Eucharist is the Presence of Christ. Representative Patrick Kennedy denies that fact - Christ is not present in the lives of the chlidren he chooses to have killed through abortion; therefore, his taking Communion is ludicrous and blasphemous. Kennedy will find some Vatican II Cupcake in a stiff collar to give him communion somewhere - just not in Bishop Tobin's See.

The AP insults Catholics.

The Eucharist is another name for Holy Communion. The term comes from the Greek by way of Latin, and it means "thanksgiving." It is used in three ways: first, to refer to the Real Presence of Christ; second, to refer to Christ's continuing action as High Priest (He "gave thanks" at the Last Supper, which began the consecration of the bread and wine); and third, to refer to the Sacrament of Holy Communion itself.

Eucharist in the Catholic Church refers to both the celebration of the Mass, that is the Eucharistic Liturgy, and the consecrated bread and wine which according to the faith become the body and blood of Christ. Blessed Sacrament is a devotional term used in the Roman Catholic Church to refer to the Eucharistic species (the Body and Blood of Christ).

Meant to represent?


PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) - Bishop Tobin has released a response to Congessman Kennedy's earlier statements on not being allowed communion because of his position on abortion.

Statement of Bishop Thomas Tobin in Response to Congressman Patrick Kennedy's Published Interview of November 22, 2009

Bishop Tobin says:

I am disappointed and really surprised that Congressman Patrick Kennedy has chosen to reopen the public discussion about his practice of the faith and his reception of Holy Communion. This comes almost two weeks after the Congressman indicated to local media that he would no longer comment publicly on his faith or his relationship with the Catholic Church. The Congressman's public comments require me to reply.

On February 21, 2007, I wrote to Congressman Kennedy stating: "In light of the Church's clear teaching, and your consistent actions, therefore, I believe it is inappropriate for you to be receiving Holy Communion and I now ask respectfully that you refrain from doing so." My request came in light of the new statement of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that said, "If a Catholic in his or her personal or professional life were knowingly and obstinately to repudiate her definite teachings on moral issues, he or she would seriously diminish his or her communion with the Church. Reception of Holy Communion in such a situation would not accord with the nature of the Eucharistic celebration, so that he or she should refrain." (Happy Are Those Who Are Called to His Supper, December, 2006)

In the same letter I wrote to Congressman Kennedy, "I am writing to you personally and confidentially as a pastor addressing a member of his flock . . . At the present time I have no need or intention to make this a public issue." I also indicated, "I am available to discuss this matter with you in person at any mutually convenient time and place. I would welcome the opportunity to do so."

On February 28, 2007, the Congressman responded to me, "I have the utmost respect for the work you do on behalf of the Catholic community in Rhode Island. . . I understand your pastoral advice was confidential in nature and given with the best intentions for my personal spiritual welfare."

I am disappointed that the Congressman would make public my pastoral and confidential request of nearly three years ago that sought to provide solely for his spiritual well-being.

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