Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Planned Parenthood's President Presses Its President

Huge Ten Gallon Doff to American Papist -click my post title

"Don't let Catholic bishops and other anti-choice groups push Congress into passing anti-choice amendments to health care reform. Take action now to protect women's health."


Brassy Texas Gal Cecile Richards, whose man friend Kirk Adams is an SEIU Honcho, but Cecile can't cotton to takin' the Dude's Name, and Cecile is goin' "All-IN" with the chips she gave to President Obama. Let's see what you got in there Barry!

Yep, Texas Cecile Richards is goin' hard inside with elbows a flyin' on President One-on-One. The President must be playing round-ball with cupcakes who deflate the balls during rests so tough guys or a bunch of girls don't steal the Spauldings on them. Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood carpeted the Obama Team with dollars during the Campaign and is now pushing the President to go Big Johnson on the American Catholic Bishops. Planned Parenthood is Big Oil to the Left. Gushers! Them girls and their man toys like to play hard.

We shall see. Will President Obama deflate the balls?

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