Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rep. Judy Biggert - Will She Call for an Apology for MSNBC Abuse?

Rep. Judy Biggert (R.IL) walked into a Chris Matthews ambush, prodded no doubt by local nitwit Rep. Jan Schakowsky and MSNBC Stable Pony and wife of convicted felon Bob Creamer. Click my post title for offensive Matthews. He only does this with women.

Judy Biggert was verbally abused by gutless loudmouth Chris Matthews concerning the usurpation of the Office of President by Eric Holder - the deft switching of the trials of enemy combatant terrorists to criminal trials and afforded all the rights of American citizens. MSNBC. a sponsor of the Obama White House. thinks it to be a keen idea.

The always imbecilic Matthews, who manages to make the Pet Show Sportscaster in the movie Best in Show seem like David Suskind, set up an ambush, no doubt pre-planned with the soulless Schakowsky well in advance "Hey, Judy let's do Hardball!"

Chris Matthews attempts to parallel Eric Holder to John Adams with his moronic historical allusion to the trial of British soldiers after the 1770 Boston Massacre. Get this -

Matthews: Back in the beginnings of our country, we had a trial for the soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre, and we gave those soldiers a real trial, and John Adams was their defense attorney. And a lot of them got off. Do you think that was a mistake to give them a real trial, or should we have just executed them. What should we have done?

Biggert: Well, I’m talking about having a real –

Matthews: Was it wrong to give a real trial to people who shot down our people in the Boston Massacre, or was that a good emblem of the kind of country we were going to be, a country of laws?

Biggert: I think –

Matthews: John Adams was their defense lawyer. Should he have not taken that job? Not defended the enemies of our country, and shown that we have a good system of law in this country? Was that a mistake?

America, was a Crown Colony Milky, and not a sovereign nation you pompous jerk.

Representative Biggert went deer in the headlights and seemed to look to self-absorbed Shakowsky for help -'Dead Chick Limping!"

Rep. Judy Biggert must demand a public apology from MSNBC and the oafish Matthews.

She's owes that to the people who voted for her.

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